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Male Giants Manpuppy and Aiden Valentine Cook and Eat You POV




“Hey, ready to do this?” Dad asks his son, Aiden, as he finishes prepping the kitchen. “I’m starving. We haven’t had these in so long.”

“It’s our little treat,” Aiden smiles back at him, then finishes tying his apron. “Little, heh. Little treats!” Dad laughs. He opens the fridge and pulls out his jar of tiny people, then spills them into his hand. “Which ones look good?” he asks his son. Aiden takes his pick of a chubbier, little man, and then brings him over to the stove.

“How were you thinking of cooking yours?” Aiden asks Dad. They decide they better start off by putting him in the broth to make him nice and soft. Dad slides him into the pot, then walks to the fridge to have his pick.

“Yeah, you’ve got some lean meat on you, look at that. You’ll be really good. Maybe a slow roast? Tenderize him a little bit.” Dad says. “Yeah, we need to soften the bones and the cartilage,” Aiden agrees. They throw the little guy into the hot pan, deciding to brown him up a little bit before the slow roast, and then taste the other pot to see if they should add any extra flavoring.

“You should be able to hear them scream when they boil,” Dad smiles. “That’s how you know they’re getting cooked just right,” Aiden agrees. They focus their attention back to the little guy in the pan, and Aiden smiles, “God, I think his eyeball just popped!”

Aiden pishes the little man around the pan. “You gotta keep him moving,” Dad says. The smell of the little guy burning excites Dad and Aiden, so they take a big whiff, and release a joyful sigh at how well their meal is coming along.

They go back and forth between the two little guys, making sure they don’t overcook before they go into the stove. “Don’t you know it’s done if you throw them and they stick to the wall?” Aiden asks. He proceeds to throw the little guy against the wall and he doesn’t stick, so he goes back into the pot.

(POV) Once the little guys are ready, they get carried to the hot stove and put inside. “Side by side,” Dad says placing his meal beside Aiden’s. “Think of it like a sauna,” Aiden says. “It’ll all be over very, very soon,” Dad says almost in a comforting way. They close the oven, then stare inside with big smiles on their faces.

“Look at them starting to sizzle!” Dad says excitedly. “This is my favorite part,” Aiden says with joy. The two watch as their meals suffer and flail inside the hot open. Dad and Aiden wave a final good-bye, then walk off, hoping to come back to perfectly cooked meals.

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Male Giants Manpuppy and Aiden Valentine Cook and Eat You POV