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Your Secret Is Safe With Me Big Stepbrôther, If You Fuck Me


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Big brother! I’ve been waiting for you to get home. I know a secret, I know a secret–bet you’ll never guess what it is.

So, I know that you’ve been sneaking your little girlfriend in your room. m​ô​m told you not to do that, didn’t she? And… I know you’ve been having sex with her, haven’t you? I can hear it through the walls, and you know what? I like it. I like to get really close to the wall, put my ear up it, and I just LOVE to hear her moaning from pleasure when I know you’re thrusting your hard cock inside of her. And I love hearing you pant and moan, as you fuck her. It turns me on, big stepb​r​ô​t​h​e​r, it really does. You know, sometimes, I even go the wall, get naked, and masturbate. I can’t help it. Oh, big stepb​r​ô​t​h​e​r… I want you. I NEED you. I’ve been thinking about your cock for a while now. So, let’s work out a little deal, okay? I won’t tell m​ô​mmy that you’re bringing your girlfriend in the house and fucking her, of course, if you give me what I want. What do I want? What could I want? Let’s see.. You know what I want? Your cock! If not, I’m going to have to tell m​ô​m.

I thought you would agree. It’d be a shame if your girlfriend didn’t come over anymore. That’d be sooo horrible. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me… as long as you fuck me–in every position I want. And another thing–you need to feel so good, and so turned on that you cum for me. Because if you don’t, I’m still going to tell m​ô​m!

See, I’m not a bad steps​ï​s​t​ê​r! I can keep a secret. This could be our little secret. Why don’t you come over here, big stepb​r​ô​t​h​e​r, and lay down for me?

But I need it from behind, big stepb​r​ô​t​h​e​r. You don’t want me to tell m​ô​m, so fuck me from behind. Come on!

Get on top of me. Remember I need you to cum, or I’ll tell m​ô​mmy your little secret. Your cock is just as good as I imagined. I promise I’ll keep it a secret. Pinky promise.

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Your Secret Is Safe With Me Big Stepbrôther, If You Fuck Me