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Male Macrophilia – Dad Manpuppy and Big Bro Aiden Valentine Shrink You POV




This clip includes sound effects!

“You got all your stuff packed, right? We’re ready to head out,” your brother, Aiden, asked looking in your direction. Dad’s job always had your family going to different places, and while your brother and dad headed out to load up the car, your eyes went straight to the cup on the table. “Whatever you do, don’t touch that drink,” Dad said to you right before heading outside with your brother.

So, naturally, you had to. Dad was always so secretive about what he did, what he was working on, and the temptation was too much. After a few gulps, you felt an odd sensation – a warm, unsettling feeling – and you began to shrink. Oh god, what just happened? You were so tiny!

Just then, Dad and Aiden walked back into the house, and even though you tried to shout at them, they couldn’t hear you. “Where’d he go?” Dad asked Aiden. They searched the house for you, but hadn’t the slightest idea what had happened to you. You even tried to get close, but one wrong step and you would have been squished.

It wasn’t until your brother got a glimpse of your tiny figure that they stopped to look at you. “Ew, there’s a bug over there,” Aiden said pointing at you. You started to walk towards him, and he was disgusted. “Ew, it’s moving around, Dad! Ew, you see that?” he said. “Wait – what is that?”

But then it was clear – they saw it was you. “How’d you get so small?” Aiden said from way above. “I told him not to drink that,” Dad said. He explained to Aiden that the liquid was not fully tested, but apparently was a shrinking substance, and there was no reverse for it. Your brother freaked out, not knowing how to help, while Dad was furious at you for not listening to him.

“I’m gonna be so fired,” Dad said in a pissed off tone. “You don’t understand don’t touch that?” he said looking at you. Since the liquid wasn’t to be tampered with, and there was an obvious amount gone now, Dad cared more about his job than he did you.

“What are we going to do with him!?” Aiden asked picking you up. “You’re worried about your job?” But Dad is – in fact, if any of the guys at work heard about the little incident, he could lose his job, or even go to jail. “I can’t have evidence like this sitting around,” he explained.

“Yeah, but what happens when we have my brother missing?” Aiden whispered with wide eyes. The two sit down and try to figure out a plan, but it’s obvious that Dad is only considering one thing – his job. He tried to get rid of the evidence, you, by eating you, but Aiden pulled him back attempting to protect you.

“Dad – no, no, no, think about what you’re doing!” Aiden pushed him down onto the couch. You’re horrified – would your dad really eat you!? Your brother tried to think about how to hide you, what to do with you, and Dad played along for a minute, but unfortunately, evidence is evidence.

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Male Macrophilia – Dad Manpuppy and Big Bro Aiden Valentine Shrink You POV