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Male Giants Manpuppy and Aiden Valentine: Pet or Pest?




Admit it – you’re a bit of a pervert. That’s why you’re always checking out Aiden’s body when he’s sleeping. It’s a struggle climbing up the bed, but when you do, you walk around on Aiden’s figure, making sure to get a much closer look at his cock.

He’s never caught you before, but as you walk on him this time, he feels something touch him and he tries to swat at it. You move back only for a second, but find yourself back on him the moment he relaxes. He rubs his eyes, finally waking up, and looks directly at you. “I must be dreaming,” he says to himself. “Is that a little guy?”

“Well, look at you – you’re so cute,” he says, a smile forming on his face. Aiden cups you in his hand and picks you up. “No, I’m definitely not dreaming,” he says after smacking himself in the face. “Wow, how did you get inside my room? What were you doing crawling over me like that?”

Aiden is friendly towards you, excited to have found you, and even calls for his dad to show you off. He explains to his dad about how he found you crawling over him, which causes Dad to give you a disgusted look. “Son, you don’t want something like that crawling all over you, I’m gonna call the exterminator,” he tells Aiden.

Aiden freaks out, insisting that he keep you as a pet rather than have you k1lled. “Oh my god, he’s gross…I’ve never seen anything like that,” Dad says narrowing his eyes. He knows what you were up to, walking on top of his son…being a filthy pervert. And he wants to get rid of you.

“Infesting it!? No, I-I don’t mind, Dad. He’s cute, look at him!” Aiden says desperately. He tries to get Dad to like you, even having him hold you, but Dad wants nothing to do with you. He holds up a shoe, ready to squish you, but Aiden holds his arm back.

“I got this little cage – I can make this his house,” Aiden says innocently. “You’re not hearing me, son – this is not the type of thing you want in your house,” Dad says frustrated. Aiden tries to protect you, keep you, take care of you, even take pictures of you, and make you his little pet, but with Dad knowing what you were up to, things get a little scary – especially when you don’t know whether you’re going to live or d1e.



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Male Giants Manpuppy and Aiden Valentine: Pet or Pest?