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Gay OTK Spanking – Dad Punishes Son




Aiden has been sneaking out of the house every night after his dad falls asleep. After he’s done partying, he makes sure to sneak back in before Dad wakes up.

Dad has been growing suspicious of his son, especially because Aiden is tired and groggy during the day. So, in the middle of the night, Dad goes to check up on Aiden, but realizes he isn’t there. He sits on the couch, his fingers tapping against his leg, as he waits for Aiden to come back home.

“Aw, this is gonna be good,” Dad says as he watches Aiden slowly open the door. Aiden is on the phone when he enters the house, unaware that his dad is waiting for him. “Get your ass in this house right now!” Dad yells, which startles Aiden.

“Oh, uh…yeah, Dad…I was just taking out the trash,” Aiden lies. Of course Dad knows he’s lying, so he stands up and takes a few whiffs of Aiden’s shirt. “You smell like cigarettes, whiskey, and poontang,” Dad says pissed.

After Aiden realizes his lies aren’t getting him anywhere, he begins to spill the truth. “Okay, fine…fine, there was a party,” Aiden tells him. “Can you be cool this one time?” However, Dad has no intention of doing so.

He grabs Aiden by the arm and pulls him down onto the couch over his knee. If Aiden wants to act like a little boy, he’s going to get spanked like one. Aiden whines and apologizes as Dad spanks him, but Dad doesn’t let up.

“Fucking lie to me again, boy,” Dad says smacking his ass hard. The more Aiden admits, the angrier Dad gets, so he yanks Aiden’s pants and boxers down, then spanks his bare, exposed butt. He goes back and forth between his cheeks, making his son’s ass a bright red color.

Aiden cries and whines, apologizing profusely, and even offers to do chores. Once Dad has come to some sort of chore punishment agreement with Aiden, he lets him up…leaving him with a nice, warm, red, beat butt.


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Gay OTK Spanking – Dad Punishes Son