Olivia Kasady – Sis Fucks Brother POV Virtual: Birth Control Side Effects




“I fucking hate taking this bulls#it,” Olivia says to herself. “It’s making me so moody, and so…horny.” Your younger sister just started taking birth control, and the pills have had not only a mental effect on her, but a physical one as well.

Her purple painted fingers uncontrollably rub against her panties and press against her clit. Unfortunately, however, no matter how many times she masturbates and how many times she gets off, she remains horny, and is desperate to get rid of the overwhelming feeling.

Really desperate. “I need a dick now,” Olivia says to herself. “My brother has to be in his room.” She stands up, her pussy dripping wet, and slowly walks towards your room.

“Hey, whatchu doing over here?” she says walking over to your desk. You were on the computer browsing Netflix, trying to figure out what to watch, but now it seemed like your sister needed something. “Um…can I talk to you for a minute?” she asks awkwardly. Before you can respond, she grabs your arm and drags you over to the bed.

“So, I need help…” she begins to say. Olivia explains the side effects she’s experiencing from her new birth control pills, and then nonchalantly tells you that she needs to use your dick. Of course you’re weirded out. Your sister…your sweet, innocent¬†sister¬†just asked to use your dick. Hell no.

“Come on – it’s not that big of a deal. I really need it!” Olivia pleads with you. “I’ll even get it hard for you. Please? Just this once?” She pulls up her top, gropes her tits, and looks at you with big eyes, “Will you please just fuck me?”

“Doesn’t this turn you on?” she asks as she pulls up her flowery skirt and plays with her white panties. Your sister can hardly control herself, her fingers rubbing against her soaked pussy, as she begs for your cock. “How about I suck it and get it nice and hard for you?” she asks.

At this point, you’ve tried desperately to keep yourself limp, to not be turned on by your sister, but it’s getting harder…literally. She wraps her warm, young, sweet mouth around your cock, and you feel yourself twitch. If your sister really needs you that bad, you’re doing her a favor, right? It’s not wrong…yeah, yeah…it can’t be.

This clip includes: Olivia Kasady, POV, sister/brother, younger sister started taking birth control, her hormones have been completely out of control, she is moody & extremely horny all the time, masturbation, masturbating doesn’t seem to be working since she has to do it multiple times a day, decides she needs to be fucked by a dick, sexually frustrated, desperate & horny sister approaches you, you’re hesistant, sister strips, talks dirty, begs for your cock, gropes tits, jiggles ass, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, riding cock, cowgirl, missionary, dirty talk, once she gets off, she thanks you & leaves like nothing happened

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Olivia Kasady – Sis Fucks Brother POV Virtual: Birth Control Side Effects

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