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Peeping On Stepmômmy And She Loves It




You’re obsessed with stepm​ô​mmy’s perky tits, and you find yourself, yet again, peeking at her though the door. She begins undressing slowly, and you pull out your hard cock, and begin stroking it. She hears you fumble with the door, but instead of calling you out, she becomes flattered, and continues to strip down slowly–taking her bra off, and putting on a show for you. Stepm​ô​mmy rubs and squeezes her chest sensually, and circles her nipples with her fingers. She looks up, every so often, to see if you are still watching her, as she begins bouncing her chest with her hands. “Honey, are you hiding behind the door? Come on– come over here, honey… Is that a hard-on, honey? Were you watching me? You know, I’ve noticed that you’ve been watching me the last couple of weeks–masturbating to my perfect, perky chest. That’s why I kept putting on a little show for you, honey. Stepm​ô​mmy’s flattered that you stroke your nice, hard cock to her perky tits. I bet my big boy has never tits this nice before, has he?”

Stepm​ô​mmy continues to exclaim how flattered she is, and that she wants to take care of her big boy’s hard-on. “Come over here. You can even look at my chest, if you want.” She pulls you by your cock, and kneels down–wrapping her mouth around it. Stepm​ô​mmy goes up and down your shaft, pleasuring you with her wet, hot mouth. She begins to drool all over your cock, and down her chin, and onto her chest. She makes sure to show you how nice her chest looks covered in drool. Stepm​ô​mmy continues to gag and choke on your cock, as she deep-throats it. “Do you want to fuck stepm​ô​mmy? You know what stepm​ô​mmy would like? All of your cum all of her nice, perky titties.”

She stands up, takes off her thong, and bends over the bed–waiting for you to slide your hard cock inside of her. “Come on, honey. Fuck stepm​ô​mmy from behind!” You put your hard cock inside of her tight pussy, and she moans from pleasure. “Your hard cock feels so good inside of stepm​ô​mmy.” She praises your cock, telling you how wet she is, and tells you that her chest is bouncing from you fucking her. She encourages you to watch them bounce, as you continue to thrust your cock inside of her. “But you know what stepm​ô​mmy really needs? Oh, she wants you on top of her. She needs you to cum all over her nice, perky chest. You know you’ve always wanted to–haven’t you, honey?”

Stepm​ô​mmy lays down on her back, lifts up her dress, and you put your cock inside of her. You watch as her chest bounces, and continue to thrust her, as she encourages you to cum for her. She wants your cum all over her chest. “Do you like watching my tits bounce as you fuck me?” Finally, she tells you to jerk off onto her chest. You get over top of her, and jerk off until you cum all over it. “Oh, honey–what a nice, huge load all over stepm​ô​mmy’s chest! Oh, honey–look at how good my perky tits look with your cum all over. You know, you can cum on stepm​ô​mmy’s tits whenever you want to.”

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Peeping On Stepmômmy And She Loves It

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