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Stepd​​â​​ddy, Say Yes, Just This One Time


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Stepd​â​ddy is getting ready for bed when he hears yelling from outside his room, “God, M​ô​m, you’re such a bitch! I hate you! You never let me do anything I wanna do!” The door slams, and his stepd​a​û​g​h​t​e​r, Fifi, barges into his bedroom. She is frantic, and angry at M​ô​m, so he asks her what’s wrong, “Stepd​â​ddy, M​ô​m never lets me do what I want. She keeps telling me no. She’s such a bitch, Stepd​â​d!… She won’t let my boyfriend come over and spend the night. And you always say yes, Stepd​â​ddy. Please. Can you please tell her yes, please? Please, please?”

Stepd​â​d tells Fifi to watch her mouth, and that he can’t always go against M​ô​m for her. “…Please, just this one time, please?… Because she thinks we’re going to have sex… Stepd​â​d! Come on, just please, please just say yes to her. God, she’s such a bitch! You know what, I bet she never gets laid… Well, she doesn’t. I mean, do you have guys have sex?… Stepd​â​d, I’m not talking about that! I’m just saying, Stepd​â​ddy,… You were about to go to sleep by yourself, so I know you guys don’t have sex… Okay, Stepd​â​ddy, it’s none of my business, you’re right. But maybe, could you tell her yes for me?”

Stepd​â​d tells her that her boyfriend can’t stay the night, and instead of getting upset, her attitude changes, becoming more seductive and friendly. “Okay, Stepd​â​ddy. You know what? I think that you’re kind of stressed out. I think that M​ô​mmy doesn’t pleasure you as much as you like. So, you know, if she does, and you aren’t stressed out, then maybe this wouldn’t bother you?” His stepd​a​û​g​h​t​e​r twirls around, and turns to lift her dress up, revealing her thong underneath.

“Okay, Stepd​â​d, I’ll put my skirt down.” She turns back around, pulls down her top, and squeezes her chest, teasing him. “Stepd​â​ddy, do you really want me to stop? You don’t want me to stop, Stepd​â​ddy, do you? Mmm… Let me see. Stepd​â​ddy, you have a hard-on. So, maybe I shouldn’t stop, huh? Here… I’m going to convince you to say yes. I mean, unless you don’t want me to. Just tell me, Stepd​â​ddy. Do you want me to stop?”

“Stepd​â​ddy, tell me you want me to touch you. Say it. Do you want me to touch it?… Okay, you don’t have to say it…” Fifi climbs onto the bed, and sticks his hard cock inside her mouth. Her hot tongue runs up his shaft, “Do you want to say yes now, or do you want to wait until you cum?… Stepd​â​d, do you like it messy? All you have to do is say yes.” Her drool covers his cock, leaving a mess all over her fingers and hands.

“Stepd​â​ddy, maybe I could convince you on my knees… Come here, Stepd​â​ddy.” Fifi gets on her knees, and he slides to the edge of the bed. She takes his cock, and rubs it between her tits. With her hand wrapped at the base, she puts her mouth back around his cock. She deepthroats his cock, and moves her mouth up and down, sliding her tongue up the shaft.

He finally erupts into her mouth, and it drips down her face before she swallows the rest. “So, Stepd​â​ddy, what should I tell M​ô​mmy?… Say it. Say yes… Thanks, Stepd​â​ddy.”

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Stepd​​â​​ddy, Say Yes, Just This One Time