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I Just Need You, Stepdâddy




I have a confession to make…

A while ago, before I went to college, the door was open to my parents’ room. I walked past, and saw my stepd​â​d lying there, completely naked. I couldn’t stop from staring at his huge cock, and I felt so wrong doing it, but it made me wet the moment I saw it. I imagined having his cock deep inside of me, spreading my tight pussy lips, and having his way with me. I knew it could never happen, especially with m​ô​m being there, so I masturbated to the thought of him for years. I went to college, and slept with a lot of young guys there, but they were never as big as my stepd​â​d. There was just something about his cock, and I knew I had to have it.

I was nervous coming home for break… My feelings for my stepd​â​d were wrong, and I knew it, but I felt like I couldn’t contain them anymore. I masturbated on my stepd​â​d’s bed while he took a shower, imagining him thrusting his huge cock inside of me… It made me feel so good. I wanted him to catch me, to get turned on by me, so I pretended I was embarrassed when he was standing in front of me. I smiled, and felt awkward… My heart was racing a million miles a second. He pretended he didn’t see me masturbating, so I moved my body in front of him, and told him about all the guys I fucked in college. I needed to see the bulge from his pants. I don’t know why, but I needed to see it get hard for me… from me.

I did the unthinkable… I actually grabbed his cock, and when he said it was okay, I asked him to put it inside of me. I promised him I wouldn’t tell… Just having the tip inside of my pussy drove me crazy, so I begged him to put it all the way in. It was so hard inside of me, bigger than anything I’ve ever felt. It penetrated my pussy lips, spreading them further, and stretching it out. I lost all control… I know he liked it, too, because when I asked for his seed, and to fill me up with his cum, he made a huge mess inside of my pussy.

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I Just Need You, Stepdâddy

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