Delivery Mixup With Sex Fembot




A man has been looking online for an android–specifically the Maid Cleaning Bot 2000. He is having company this weekend, and needs help cleaning the house. Since his wife is gone, he figures he could use a little bit of help.

He decides to use the “same day” delivery service in order to get things up and moving.

Ten minutes later, and the android has arrived! She’s wearing a very skimpy outfit, and there is a remote tucked into her black thigh high stoking. As he opens the door, he is surprised.

“Whoa, alright… That’s a lot skimpier than what I thought it was in the picture…”

He takes the remote from her stocking, and turns her on.

“Hello. What services can I provide you with today?”

He pushes a button to get her to start cleaning, but instead, she starts to fondle her breasts–pulling them from out of her vest.

He tries another button, and she begins to rub her crotch. “Does this turn you on?”

He realizes that there clearly has been sort of mistake here, but tries a different button. The android gets on her knees, insisting to let her suck his cock.

She repeats, over and over, “Let me suck your cock. Let me suck your cock,” as he tries to figure out what to do with her. He pushes another button.

“How about a handjob? Sit down and let me make you feel real good.”

He agrees to it–thinking a handjob wouldn’t necessarily be cheating, since it’s from a robot and all.

He sits down, and she takes off his pants, complimenting the size of his cock.

“I am going to make you feel really good.”

She begins to stroke his cock, asking if it feels good. He presses 1 for “yes.”

“Please use control to speed or slow up.”

He presses the button, and she begins to speed up her handjob, while she talks dirty.

“If you would like to change anything, please select a button.”

He chooses a button that makes her undress, and shortly after, she begins to pleasure him with a handjob again.

He plays with the remote–speeding his handjob up, having her spit for lubrication, making her changing hands as her battery goes low in one hand, using the “twisting” technique on his cock, and making her talk dirty.

“Please feel free to try the twist motion on your remote control.”

Before he cums, he decides to put her on “sleep mode,” and cums on her chest.

After he cums on her chest, he powers her back on, and hits a “clean-up mode.” This mode allows her to grab a towel and clean the cum off of her chest.

“Cum on my tits–perfect choice, Sir.”

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Delivery Mixup With Sex Fembot

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