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Nurse Fembot Malfunctions During Erectile Dysfunction Treatment




A medical android has been called to a patient’s house, in which she is to give him proper treatment for his diagnosis. She wheels her computer and chair over, and puts on a pair of gloves before approaching her patient. “Hello, patient 5679. What is your diagnosis? Checking database for diagnosis on patient 5679. Reading. Diagnosis is erectile dysfunction. Looking up treatments and procedures. No treatment, and/or procedure found. Please download to android database for proper treatments and procedures regarding patient 5679.”

The android turns to her computer, types in the diagnosis, and waits as her download begins. Her download fails, and she immediately shuts down. After a few seconds, she comes back on, but is now corrupted with Sexbot 6.0 firmware. “System error, system error, system error.” She stands up, and begins to malfunction, as she alternates between Sexbot 6.0 and her medical firmware. Since the android has typed in “erectile dysfunction” into the computer, her database has been corrupted with finding other “treatments” in order to solve this erectile problem. The android begins to show off her chest, telling the patient to get hard to her body, and to stroke his cock for her. Her movements become jagged, malfunctioned, and she often gives blank stares, as she tries to override the corruption from the Sexbot 6.0 firmware. She continues to get fully nude, but, at the same time, tries to find a medical treatment appropriate for the diagnosis. Her phrases and words become repeated frequently, until she is at a complete loss of control. “Please contact Medical Android Administration in order to fix problem. Please. Please. Please. Please contact Medical Android Administration to fix android.” The medical android shuts down completely, until she can be repaired.

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Nurse Fembot Malfunctions During Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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