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A Friendly, Naked Competition




Nyxon, Fifi…I’m ready for you here in my office,” Aiden shouts out to his employees. The two professional, intelligent, dedicated, driven women smile as they greet their boss and take a seat in his office.

“Do you guys know what I have right here?” he says dropping their employee files in front of them. “Do you have any idea what I was doing today?” He tells the two ladies that it has come across his attention that they are overdue for a raise. However, unfortunately, the company only has the budget for one raise, and he can’t decide which of the two ladies deserve it more.

Fifi takes no time in trying to persuade her boss to pick her, and within a matter of seconds, Nyxon chimes in as well. “Surely we can work something out, right?” Fifi pleads.

Rather than pick an employee himself, Aiden decides to have a “friendly” competition amongst the ladies to see who is worthy of the raise the most. The two ladies continue to try and persuade him, but then Nyxon takes it up a notch.

“I’ve been staying late all the time,” she says seductively as she winks at Aiden, her hands pressing against her big chest. “What…what are you doing?” Fifi says watching Nyxon talk to their boss in an inappropriate tone.

Rather than discipline Nyxon for her unprofessional behavior, Aiden encourages it, telling Fifi that Nyxon is making her way to the pay raise. Desperate and much shyer than her co-worker, Fifi attempts to be “sexy.” She pulls her dress down, revealing her cleavage to the boss.

When Nyxon has no problem doing the same thing, Fifi stands up and stutters, “I can…take off my dress…and you can see my body.” Nyxon, now horrified, snaps at Fifi, “How desperate are you! This is a place of business!”

Fifi shyly reveals her body, which causes Nyxon to begin undressing to stay ahead. The two employees bicker with one another, frustrated that the boss hasn’t made up his mind yet. Rather than pick right away, Aiden takes his time, enjoying himself, as he watches how far the girls are willing to go for their raise.

This clip includes: Nyxon, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, POV, boss/employee, both employees are due for a pay raise, company only has the budget for one raise, boss encourages his two employees to have a “friendly” competition to see who is more worthy of the raise, embarrassment, ENF, embarrassed naked female, stripping, full nudity, horrified

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A Friendly, Naked Competition