Olivia Kasady fucks you POV virtual sex: Be My First, Daddy




“Daddy, I really need to talk to you,” your daughter, Olivia, said awkwardly. “I’m so nervous.” She sat on the bed, her hands anxiously running up and down her arms, before she spoke again. “I don’t know if I should talk about it, it’s really weird, and I – I’m so insecure about it.”

You were confused – what could she possibly be getting at? Was something wrong with your sweet girl? Did someone do something to her? But then it came out. “All my friends at school are starting to have sex,” she said to you. “And I’m still a virgin.”

Olivia was shy as she explained that she had barely even kissed a boy before. “I was wondering if you could help me out, daddy,” she said helplessly. “I have no idea what I’m doing.” I mean, yes, of course you wanted to help her out, but how?

She explained all her insecurities to you. What if she got with a guy and she wasn’t good enough, what if he made fun of her, what if he told all of his friends? Your poor, innocent, sweet girl’s head was full of worries, and you wanted to ease her mind. “I just – I want to go into it feeling confident,” Olivia finally said. “I just wanna make sure my body is okay before I have sex with a boy at school.”

She pulled down her dress in front of you to expose her tiny, perky tits. “Do these look okay, Daddy? I mean, I know they’re small, and other girls at school have bigger ones…but they’re okay, right?” You were reluctant to look at first, but you could tell your daughter really wanted your help, so you gave in.

Olivia showed you her whole, innocent, tight body, asking for your approval. Of course she was beautiful, but now she was…something more – something arousing. You couldn’t take your eyes off of her petite figure or concentrate when she talked with such a sweet tone.

“Are you hard, daddy?” she looked down at your bulge. “Should I take it out? Am I doing this right?” Her hand was now wrapped around your throbbing cock and her big, blue eyes looked up at you – how did all this happen so fast?

Your daughter wanted to know about everything – all the stuff she had heard about at school, and she wanted to practice with you. Soon, Olivia’s warm mouth wrapped around your stiffened cock, and although you tried to resist, it felt good – it really did.

It was obvious what would happen next – what she really wanted you to do. She wanted her daddy to be her first, the one to take her virginity – the man she knew she could trust, the boy that wouldn’t make fun of her, the one she felt most safe with, and the one who loved her the most.

This clip includes: Olivia Kasady, POV, dad/daughter, daddy/daughter, daughter has been hearing girls at school talking about sex, daughter is still a virgin but wants to learn, daughter talks to you about all of her insecurities, she’s afraid she’ll be made fun of if she’s not good or that boys will start rumors about her, asks for dad’s help, undresses, tit groping, asks dad what he thinks about her body, dad wants to help his little girl, accidentally gets hard, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, experimenting, practicing, daughter wants dad to be her first b/c she trusts him most, first time sex, taking virginity, virtual sex, missionary, daughter screams in pain but eventually lets you (dad) deflower her


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Olivia Kasady fucks you POV virtual sex: Be My First, Daddy

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