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The Curvy, Busty, Limp Neighbor




“Come in!” Aiden hollers out at the person knocking on his front door. His busty, gorgeous neighbor, Gia, walks inside with a handful of his mail. “Oh hey – I got some of your mail, so I decided to come over here and give it to you,” she says handing him the stack.

“Thank you so much,” Aiden smiles at her. “I like your outfit,” he says noticing her tight crop-top and short, red skirt. Gia blushes, and in a desperate attempt to keep her around for a few minutes longer, Aiden offers her a drink.

“Oh no, I just wanted to stop by and drop that off,” Gia replies, but Aiden is persistent. “Oh-oh okay,” she goes to say, but Aiden has already made his way to the kitchen. He comes back with a glass of water, hands it to her, and Gia takes a sip. “I figured you might be thirsty from the walk over,” he says as he eyes her neck. He lifts up her dark purple hair, compliments it, and then jabs a syringe into her neck. Gia grunts in pain, and her eyes flutter and roll before she finally falls limp into Aiden’s arms.

Aiden picks her up, moves her over to the couch, and then sets her down. He plays with her limp body, manipulating her limbs like a rag-doll as she stays unconscious. He undresses her, his hands magnetizing to her big, perky, beautiful boobs, and after a few minutes, she starts to wake up.

Gia’s confused to find herself on the couch, and as her brain starts to process what’s happened, Aiden walks behind her. “Shhhhh,” he says petting her head, and then proceeds to stab the syringe into her neck again. She grunts, her eyes roll and flutter, and she once again falls limp.

Aiden continues to strip Gia further down, and then picks up her limbs to watch them fall lifeless on the couch. He shakes her arms, hands, and legs, then tosses her head from side to side. When Aiden forces her eyelids open, her eyes stay rolled to the back of her head. Right before he goes to remove her skirt, Gia begins to wake up again, foggy-headed and confused, and quickly covers her bare, exposed chest. She sees Aiden coming at her with his syringe, and attempts to hold him back with all of her strength, but is overpowered.

Gia, once again, falls limp, and Aiden continues to fully undress her before carrying her off to the bed. He plops her down like a rag-doll, lifeless and helpless, and lets his hands run against her big, soft tits. Just to make sure Gia doesn’t wake up again, he injects her a final time with the syringe, and then plays some more with her unconscious body.

He gives her a sweet kiss on the forehead and says goodnight, with the full intention to come back and have his way with her curvy, busty body.

This clip includes: Miss Gia Love, Aiden Valentine, neighbors, Gia comes over to give Aiden some mail that was accidentally delivered to her house, Aiden insists that she stay for a drink, stabs her in the neck with a syringe, eye rolling, eye fluttering, falls limp, limb manipulation, manipulating limbs, moving head from side to side, opening eyelids, undressing, stripping down, forced stripping, unconscious, waking up confused & disoriented, syringed again, tit groping, tit play, barefoot, fully nude, wakes up again, syringe, syringe x 4, lift & carry to bed, last syringe to make sure she doesn’t wake up for a while, slow pans over limp body, eye fetish, sleep fetish

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The Curvy, Busty, Limp Neighbor