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Mom Drains Son Before Date




You looked down at the three shirts you had narrowed yourself down to – now, which would look best for your girlfriend?

“Aw, those are all really nice. You’re getting dressed up, huh?” Mom said walking into your bedroom. “I’ve always liked this one,” she continued, picking up your light green button-down shirt. Naturally she was curious – where were you going, who were you seeing, why were you getting all dressed up? But you had no problem telling her. In fact, whenever you talked about your girlfriend, you were giddy, so Mom could tell that you really liked her.

So, she pushed her curiosity a bit further, asking if you two had been intimate – you know, if you guys had done it. And you had. Mom seemed really sweet, really comfortable to talk to, and when she reassured you she was fine with it, you admitted it. “Oh, you guys have been?” Mom said with a surprised look on her face. “So, I guess this is your first, huh?”

You couldn’t tell, but Mom was a little bit jealous. She started fidgeting with your shirts as she asked more personal, intrusive questions. “So, what is it exactly that you like so much about her?” Mom continued. “Does she have some nice, big titties?” You were shocked that your mom was so blunt, so open about things, but because she seemed so cool with everything, you answered honestly.

“Yeah? Is that what you like best about her? You like her titties? Come on, you can tell Mom – it’s okay. We’re just having a friendly conversation. It’s been a while since I was caught up in my son’s life,” she said reassuringly. “I can understand where you got the liking from,” she joked.

Everything seemed pretty innocent. “What about her ass? Does she have a nice ass, too?” Mom asked. Wow, this was weird, but kinda great – Mom was being so cool to talk to. But there seemed to be a little bit of an issue…all this talk about your girlfriend’s hot body was getting you really excited, and before you knew it, you had a throbbing erection.

“Are you getting excited?” Mom asked looking at your bulge. “I’m SO sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” But she had meant to – she knew exactly what she was doing. “Well, let me just…” she said getting closer to you. “Let Momma take care of you – it was my fault after all.”

Before you could say anything, Mom slid her hand over your hard cock, and it just felt too good to stop. She had a huge smile on her face as she touched you, diving deeper every second into your young body. Soon her mouth was wrapped around your cock, then her big tits bounced in your face as she rode you. She even encouraged you to fuck her.

When it was all done, and you had released your huge load, Mom gave you a big, happy, cocky smile. “I guess you don’t have a reason to go see your girlfriend anymore, huh? I guess you’re going to have to stay home. No point now that I’ve completely drained your balls.”

This clip includes:¬†Miss Gia Love, POV, mom/son, mom sees her son getting ready to go out & getting all dressed up, finds out he is going out to see his girlfriend, asks if they have gotten intimate, finds out her son has been having sex, mom gets a little jealous, mom starts asking her son more personal questions about his girlfriend’s body, mom tries to purposely turn on her son before his date so that she can get him off & he will be drained & won’t have sex with his girlfriend, dirty talk, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, riding, virtual sex, big tits, tit groping, tit bouncing, cowgirl, missionary, mom drains son, older woman, younger man, MILF

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Mom Drains Son Before Date

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