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Spoiled Brat Gets Tied Up, Facefucked, and Facialized




A spoiled, bratty girlfriend is bragging to her friend about the new True Religion jeans that she just bought. “…I don’t even know how much they were… It doesn’t even matter, I just put it on his credit card.” She tells her friend that she loves seeing a nice, expensive name brand across her ass, and that she looks amazing in them. “Every month he yells at me, but I ALWAYS tell him I’m going to make it up to him… but I never do.” Just as she is giggling about the money spent, her boyfriend walks in the door–furious and outraged about his 12,000 dollar credit card bill. She tells him that she will just make it up to him, but he tells her that she keeps blowing him off. The boyfriend tells her no, and that she will make it up to him NOW. She decides to agree to whatever his demands are.

He comes back over with bondage tape, and ties her hands together. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He takes her by her taped hands, and pushes her down to the floor. She continues to thrash around, but he wraps tape around her stomach, and across her neck. He pushes her down, all way to the floor, tapes her ankles together, and then drags her back up to wrap the tape around the top of her chest. She begins to apologize, telling him that she is sorry, but he doesn’t listen to her. He continues to bind her, and then pulls down his boxers. He shoves his cock into her mouth, thrusting, as drool runs down her chin. She pants and gasps for air, but he forces his hard cock back into her mouth. As he thrusts his cock into her mouth, he holds her hair and head. Drool continues to run down her chin, onto her chest, arms, and onto her expensive jeans. Finally, when he is satisfied, he drags her over, and jerks off until he cums all over her face. Her make-up runs, and the cum falls down her face.

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Spoiled Brat Gets Tied Up, Facefucked, and Facialized