Sex Serum: Dude, Am I A Chick?




Prelude: Honestly, Aiden is kind of a douchebag. He is constantly objectifying women, declaring he’s “banged” several at parties, and sits around looking at porn magazines all day. He tells his friends, and even his mom, about all these incidents that he claims to have, when in reality, he hasn’t even touched a woman, let alone seen one naked.

Aiden’s mom, a college professor, has picked up on her son’s “exaggerations,” and instead of embarrassing him, she decides to help him with his delusions. While working at the college, Mom ran into some of her fellow colleagues that, to her surprise, were developing a new serum, that when ingested, would allow Aiden to finally experience his fantasy.

Scene (story): Aiden is gawking at a centerfold when Mom comes into his room. Instead of hiding his magazine, he shows off his gorgeous naked lady, and starts talking about her perfect body. “Honey, I don’t think that’s very appropriate… Of course you would, honey, she’s very pretty.” Mom tries to get him off the topic of “banging” this lady, asking him what he has planned for the day, but he leads her back to his delusions of getting girls at a party later on. After hearing him out for a while, and playing along with him, she starts to tell him about her day. “…Interesting story, I happened to run into some of my colleagues that were working on this special serum… Okay, well, um, the thing is that I think it would help you ‘bang’ even more women… Yeah, bang, that means like fuck, right?”

Aiden immediately becomes interested, especially after hearing he can (actually) fuck girls. Mom hands him the blue serum, and he looks at it, curious about the small amount. “You need to be really careful with it because it’s very, very powerful… Actually, it’s like an extract, so just be very, very careful with it. You can take a little bit if you like, or you can take the whole thing, but it’s really going to help you, um, ‘bang’ those girls.” He asks if it’s like Viagra, and she lies, telling him yes. Satisfied she’s convinced him to take it, she tells him she has to leave for the college, and to have fun at his party.

Mom leaves, and Aiden examines the small bottle again. He looks down his pants, wondering if the serum will make his dick bigger. With nothing to lose, he downs the liquid, and instantly notices an increase in the temperature. He unbuttons his shirt, and slams into the wall behind him, unable to control the sensations in his body. His hands are on his knees, and he pants, looking down at his feet. “Dude, what the fuck? Man… What the… What the fuck’s wrong with my foot?” He moves his foot inside of his shoe, and notices that his shoe is huge. Worried, he kicks it off, and sees how baggy his socks are. “No way… Dude, I have little bitch feet! My shoes don’t even fit me anymore!.. Am I a fucking chick?!… And I’m a blond, man!” Aiden gets excited, touching his hair and face, and feels the long eyelashes on his eyes.

“Dude, please tell me I have tits!” He quickly unbuttons his shirt to reveal a perky chest, “…and they’re awesome!… Oh wait, I got a bitch voice, too. I sound like a chick… like a little girl. Ah, fuck it.” He squeezes his tits together, groping them hard, and jiggles them with his hands. Overwhelmed with how good they feel, he gets horny, and tells himself he needs to jerk off. He unbuttons his pants, pulls them down, “Dude, no! Where’s my dick?… I can’t even handle how hot this is right now! Fuck!… I don’t even really know what to do with one of these things.”

He continues to pull down his boxers, and as he does, he becomes instantly attracted to his own ass. He squeezes and smacks it repeatedly, “…and it’s firm!… Dude, I have hips… Oh my god, I am so hot!” He moves his hips from side to side, and then tries to convince himself to touch his pussy. With enough courage, he begins touching it, “I guess I could, like, learn on myself… Play with myself. I’m pretty good at that… Dude, that’s sensitive.” He feels a tingle from the touch, and freaks out, attempting to pull himself together.

“…I’m pretty sure this is what they do in porn.” He sticks a finger inside, and gets excited by how wet it feels. “Dude, I, like, turned myself on.” He licks his finger, and instantly becomes addicted to the taste. Aiden puts his finger back in, and as he pleasures himself, he moans. “…a chick moan, yes!” He licks his finger clean again, and goes back down for more, “…I can’t tell my bros about this, they’re going to try and fuck me.” He thrusts his finger inside of his pussy harder, and it drenches his fingers.

“…I gotta figure out how to make a chick cum.” He runs to the bed, sits on the corner, and fingers himself until he cums. He practices on himself, pushing his fingers deep, and moans loudly, moving his hips. “I could do this all day long… Am I going to get a girl off finally!?” He cums, and then starts getting turned on by his body again. He touches his ass, “Dude, I gotta do it again…” He fingers his pussy from behind, and then sits on the bed to finish himself off. “Oh god, I’m so worn out… I, like, finally finger-banged a chick.” He on the bed, exhausted, with his body completely worn out and sore.

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Sex Serum: Dude, Am I A Chick?

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