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Sleeping Sisters




It’s getting late and sisters, Gia and Fifi, are getting ready for bed. Fifi lets out a huge yawn, and Gia twists the lid to her new bottle of sleeping pills. “Can I have one?” Fifi asks. “I wake up sometimes.”

“They’re pretty strong,” Gia warns her, but Fifi doesn’t mind as long as she gets some good sleep. “Ew, that tastes really horrible,” Fifi says making a weird face at the awful taste in her mouth. After a few seconds, the girls hop into bed exhausted, and already begin to feel the effects of the medication.

“Hey, Aiden…something’s going on with Gia and Fifi, I can’t wake them up,” Nicky says to his brother. “They seem to be asleep, but they’re not moving.” Aiden asks if he’s given them a good shake, but Nicky isn’t about to piss off his sisters.

The two brothers decide to go together to check up on their sisters. They’re quiet as they enter their bedroom, and Nicky waves his hand in front of their faces, “Fifi…Gia.” However, Aiden doesn’t seem concerned, “Na, you just gotta shake ’em,” he says shaking his sisters’ shoulders hard. The girls are limp, with absolutely no reaction to their brothers’ attempts in waking them up.

“This always pisses her off,” Nicky says, now desperate to get a reaction from his sister. He gropes Fifi’s chest hard, but still nothing. “Nothing!” Aiden says shocked. Now he goes to grope Gia’s big tits, but gets the same thing…nothing.

“This is hilarious,” Nicky laughs. “I don’t know what their deal is.” The brothers start to have some fun, manipulating and dropping their sisters’ limbs, and then grope their curvy bodies. “Stop hitting yourself,” Nicky says jokingly as he playfully hits Fifi with her own arm.

It doesn’t take them long to figure out that both girls took some sleeping pills, and no matter what they do, the girls won’t wake up. The boys take the covers off their sisters, and go as far as undressing them and grabbing their bare, exposed, voluptuous bodies.

Nicky and Aiden do silly things, too, like make Fifi wear her own bra as a hat. When they slide down their sisters’ panties and take a good look, they even notice they have similar pubic hair. “They match!” Aiden laughs.

The brothers continue to move the girls around in different positions, and open their eyes to find them rolled to the back of their heads. As a final gesture, they put the girls right up against each other, completely nude, so that when they wake up, they’ll think they did something horribly dirty and wrong together.

This clip includes: Miss Gia Love, Fifi Foxx, Nicky Rebel, Aiden Valentine, POV, brothers/sisters, sisters take a sleeping pill before going to bed, brothers go in to check up on them, shake them, grope them, girls don’t wake up, completely limp, limb manipulation, manipulating limbs, sleeping fetish, tit groping, ass grabbing, ass smacking, humor, undressing, stripping, exposing bodies, curvy, voluptuous, big tits, big ass, perky boobs, eyes rolled back, brothers laughing & having fun, naked, nudity, family

5/5 (1 Review)

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Sleeping Sisters

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