Your Penis Is Too Small To Participate In Medical Trial




After reading an ad for a paid experiment in the paper, you find yourself in a medical room, ready to treat your “inadequacy.” You sit comfortably in the chair, and the nurse calls over the doctor. He explains to her that she needs to keep detailed records of everything that occurs in the session, and she smiles, looking at you. Before beginning, she introduces herself, shaking your hand, and then explains a couple of things about the experiment:

“I’m really glad… We’re very glad that you came in to help us with our experiment. As you know, Dr. Valentine is a genius, and he’s come up with a serum… Let me show you. This serum should help “inadequate” size grow up to 2-4 inches. It’s pretty exciting! And since you’re helping us, you will get paid at the end of this session. So, let’s begin.

First thing on the chart that I need to record is, well, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but I need to record your physical response to stimulation… Which means that you’re going to have to stroke your cock in front of me. Um, I hope that’s not problematic; I’m going to try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I need to record the growth as you get stimulated… I do have something to kind of help you through this.”

She hands you a Playboy magazine, and tells you to get comfortable. With chart and pen in hand, she gets ready to record as you stroke your cock:

“Sir, um, I can’t quite see anything because your hand is covering your cock. Can you please just stroke up and down for me?… Are you getting any sort of physical response from the stimulation whatsoever? I don’t see a growth occurring… I’m sorry, you said you were… hard? You can’t be. There’s no growth there–it hasn’t changed. I can’t even see anything with your hand like that.”

Convinced your lack of growth is due to being uncomfortable, she offers to help you out, but reminds you she is professional. She pulls down her top to reveal her perky tits, and continues to watch your cock for any change. With no results, she thinks a problem is occurring, and calls over the doctor. She whispers to the doctor (in a conversation you can hear), telling him that you can’t get hard, although you continue to tell her that you are. The doctor suggests making you feel more comfortable, pointing out that, as a man, he can tell you aren’t hard. The nurse says she will take care of it, and looks back at you, chart in hand. She suggests you continue looking through the magazine, focusing on all the pretty women, and once again, offers her perky chest for you to look at:

“…Sir, I know you keep telling me that you’re erect, but I KNOW that you’re not. Here, let me help you out. Keep in mind that this is professional, completely professional, and I’m not supposed to be doing this, but in order for you to get this serum, I’m going to need you to get hard, so I can record it… Lord…”

She attempts to give you a handjob, but has no idea how to stroke your cock. “Sir, I don’t necessarily have anything to stroke… My hand doesn’t go up and down your shaft the way that it should. In fact, your cock is completely covered by my hand… but, of course you say it’s erect. Here, let me SEE if any growth has occurred whatsoever.” She pulls out a magnifying glass, puts up to her eye, and begins laughing. “Sir, I don’t see any growth whatsoever. Okay, right, right… Of course, of course. I’m sorry, but it’s funny… I have something for your dick, if you want to refer to it as that… I have these tweezers that I think will really grab onto that, uh, inadequate cock of yours.” She laughs, and pinches onto your cock with the tweezers, “…You are hard!… Oh my gosh, I had to stroke you with tweezers to find out that you were actually hard… Okay, okay, I’ll stop laughing. It’s very funny.”

She pulls out her chart, and calls the doctor over for another question, whispering to him. She explains that there is no growth to record, just a head that she can see. The doctor tells you to get an erection, and the nurse quickly hushes him, laughing, telling him that you do have an erection. She continues to whisper, asking what she should do, and the doctor explains to her that your cock is just too small to qualify for the serum. He continues to tell her that he’s never seen that clinically before, and that he didn’t think that was physically possible. The doctor leaves, and the nurse laughs, then looks at you:

“…This must be so embarrassing for you… Here, let me ask you some of these questions, out of my own curiosity… Are you sexually active?… No, you’re not! How can you satisfy someone with that small cock? They’re not even going to know you’re hard ever… How do you even foreplay? How does a woman stroke your cock? How does she even know it’s hard? I mean, surely she must use tweezers, right?… Do you have tweezers at home?… There’s no way you’re sexually active. I guess on this chart I should put that there’s no growth whatsoever… I can just imagine all these women faking an orgasm… I bet you that they can’t feel when your cock is inside of them. You have to tell them! These poor women…”

She continues to humiliate you, unable to control her laughter, “…Anyhow, here’s the bad news of it all. Doctor says that, in order to qualify, you have to be a certain size, and I’ve seen some very inadequate cocks, but never have I seen something as inadequate as yours. Doctor said the same thing… and because of your inadequate cock, or head rather, we can’t give you the serum… So, your cock, or head, is going to be the same forever, and you’re just going to have to stroke it with tweezers, and tell women you’re inside of them…”

She laughs, and calls the doctor back over for one more question. She whispers, asking if you still get paid for your time, and when she finds out you get nothing, has a hard time keeping herself from laughing. The nurse looks back at you, “Okay, so about paying you for your time, here’s the thing… You don’t get anything whatsoever. You don’t get paid for your time, you don’t get the serum, and you’re still stuck with that tiny, tiny cock… It was nice meeting you. Please find your way out.”

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Your Penis Is Too Small To Participate In Medical Trial