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The Family Reunion




Mom was hosting the big family reunion at the house and everyone was there. Your aunts and uncles always had huge smiles on their faces when they saw you, and made comments about how much taller you had gotten and how handsome you were – it wasn’t any different from previous years.

Grandpa was asleep in the recliner, and Grandma was making her way around to give everyone a hug. The one thing you didn’t expect, however, was how “grown up” your cousins had gotten…and boy, had they developed. Not only had they grown into attractive ladies, but they had no problem showing off their big, busty chests in tight shirts. That’s what caused a problem.

You ran to your room. Just the sight of your cousins gave you a huge erection, and there was no way you were going to let anyone see that. Can you imagine what the family would say?

“Honey, there you are,” Mom plopped down on the bed beside you. “Your aunts and uncles are looking for you – what are you doing hiding in here?” You didn’t dare say anything, but you didn’t have to. Mom looked down and saw your massive boner. “Were your cousins teasing you?” she begin to say. “Ever since they got those…you know, the big tits that run in our family, they’ve been wearing overbearingly revealing clothing. I keep telling them not to, but they’re not going to listen to me.”

“Aw baby, I’m sorry. It was their big tits, wasn’t it?” Mom sympathized with you. “How about Momma help you out?” She reminded you that everyone at the party was looking for you, so she needed you to get back out there. Mom was sweet, letting you know she’d take care of everything, and then instructed you to take off your pants.

“Is it this that turns you on?” Mom asked, her hands running against her big chest. You nodded your head yes, and a big smile ran across her face. “Aw, my son’s a boob man,” she said lovingly. “Of course, with all the big breasted women in our family, it makes sense – it’s only natural.”

“Would you like to take a look at them inside my bra?” Mom asked. She slid her shirt off, and her big boobs filled her white bra. “Do you like Mom’s big, jiggly tits? Well, come on – I know you’ve jerked off before,” she said trying to encourage you to get comfortable.

Once you did, Mom began to show you more, even going as far as playing with her massive tits right in front of you. She said dirty things about fucking her tits, and you couldn’t help yourself. You released a massive load right in front of her, and Mom was more than happy.

“Good boy,” she said sweetly. “Well, let me grab you something and get you all cleaned up, and we’re gonna get back out there.”

This clip includes: Miss Gia Love, POV, mom/son, mom is hosting a family reunion at the house, you see how “grown up” your cousins are & get an erection from their big tits in tight shirts, run to your room so no one sees your boner, Mom comes into your room because everyone is looking for you, notices your boner & realizes it’s from your cousins, Mom figures out that you like big tits, Mom wants to help you so that you can join the party again, big tits, masturbation encouragement, masturbation instruction, JOI, jerk off instruction, big boobs, boob bouncing, jiggling boobs, nipples, MILF, dirty talk, older woman

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The Family Reunion

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