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Big Sister’s Cure for a Brother’s Broken Heart




“She was supposed to be here two…three hours ago,” Aiden said frustrated. He looked through the blinds to see if his date was outside, but the parking lot was empty. He didn’t want to accept the fact that she wasn’t coming, especially after they had seemed to hit it off so well.

But truth was, she had fallen for another guy, and when Aiden received the message that she wasn’t coming, he was heartbroken. “Hey, Aiden – what’s up?” his sister, Nadia, had said sitting down beside him. She snagged the hat off his head and tickled her brother who obviously looked upset.

Aiden rambled on about what had happened, and Nadia was upset for her brother. “I hate seeing you sad,” she told him. “I’m sorry, sis, I’m just depressed right now,” Aiden replied. Nadia held out her arms for a big hug, and her little brother magnetized into them. “You’re smart, you’re handsome, and you have a lot of things going for you,” she said comforting him.

A sweet smile ran across Aiden’s face – his sister had always been so close to him and never failed to make him feel better. “I mean, she probably has a really awful body, and she probably doesn’t have boobs like mine at all, I guarantee you that,” Nadia smiled.

Nadia knew exactly what to do to make her little brother forget about his heartbreak. She’d strip down, show off her body to him, and let him see how much better his sister was than any other girl he’d ever meet.

This clip includes: Nadia White, Aiden Valentine, brother/sister, brother gets blown off by his date, brother is depressed, sister tries to cheer him up, sister is comforting & sweet, sister wants to show her brother how much better she is than any other girl, stripping down, tit groping, big tits, dirty talk, blowjob, deepthroat, riding, cowgirl, doggystyle, creampie, cum in pussy

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Big Sister’s Cure for a Brother’s Broken Heart

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