Anastasia Rose StepSister Teaches Sex Ed to Stepbrother Aiden Valentine


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StepSister Anastasia Rose Teaches Sex Ed to Stepbrother Aiden Valentine. Aiden plops down on the couch beside his stepsister, Anastasia Rose. “You know how I got a new girlfriend,” he begins to say to her, “well I got a question.” Although the topic is awkward, Aiden is desperate for help, so he finally tells his sister about his new girlfriend’s huge turn-on…receiving oral.

“But I’m not really good at it,” he confesses. “Like, I don’t know…this is my first girlfriend, I don’t know how to go down on a girl, but I know she likes it; I want to make her happy.” Aiden Valentine rambles on, hinting for advice, and it becomes obvious to his sister how inexperienced he really is.

“Maybe-maybe I can kinda show you…be like your test dummy,” she finally says, “that way I can tell you if it feels good or not.” Aiden agrees that’s a good idea, especially since it’ll give him some practice before messing around with his girlfriend.

“This here is a clit…I hope you know what that is,” Anastasia says spreading her pussy. “And that…mmm…that’s the really sensitive part, so you wanna make sure to play with that a lot.” She guides her brother step by step on how to give good oral.

After she’s cum, Anastasia Rose confesses that her boyfriend has told her she gives really bad blowjobs, and asks her brother if he could return the favor. Aiden Valentine agrees and begins guiding his sister on how to give the perfect blowjob.

This clip includes: Anastasia Rose, Aiden Valentine, brother/sister, sex education, brother has a new girlfriend & needs help learning how to go down on a girl, sister offers to help, pussy licking, pussy eating, tit groping, orgasm, sister asks brother to return the favor since her boyfriend has told her she doesn’t give good blowjobs, blowjob, deepthroat, massaging balls, cum in mouth, cum play

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Anastasia Rose StepSister Teaches Sex Ed to Stepbrother Aiden Valentine

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