Balloon Riding On Chair To Pop


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I have a floor full of balloons that need to be popped. I am topless, wearing only jeans, as I hold up my first balloon–squeezing it hard, and taunting it before I pop it. I lay it down on the chair, sit on top of it, and begin to grind against it. The red balloon changes shape, as I continue to grind and bounce on it. I continue to pick up different colored balloons, and pop them once I’ve rubbed against them. I never know when the are going to be explode. I put more and more pressure until they can’t take it any more, and shatter everywhere! It gives me so much pleasure to feel them break under the pressure of my body. I love to see them come to a long, narrow shape before they disappear. I bounce gently, and then harder and faster, as I feel the balloon change shape underneath me. They are so loud, as they shatter and explode. I pop several pink, orange, green, blue, yellow, and red balloons.

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Balloon Riding On Chair To Pop