Ultimate Balloon Sex Experience




My bed is covered in neon balloons, and I start off by blowing a neon green and neon orange balloon, and tossing them behind me. I sit up on the bed, and begin to toss the balloons around in the air. I squeeze them gently, and put one underneath my body–rubbing and grinding myself against it. It feels so good on my body, and I motion for my boyfriend to come over. He lays in the pile of balloons, and I wrap my mouth around his cock–flicking my tongue, and sucking on the head. I deepthroat his cock–gagging and drooling all over it. After a while, I sit up and begin stripping for him, as I throw balloons in the air. I get completely naked, surrounding myself with balloons, and get on my hands and knees, doggystyle. I tease him with my body, as balloons surround me, and rub against my body.

He gets behind me and fucks me doggystyle, and I begin to blow up a neon yellow balloon. I blow it nice and big, as his cocks thrusts inside of me, and I toss it behind me after tying it off. I moan from pleasure, and blow a neon green, neon pink, and a neon blue balloon, as he continues to fuck me. He fucks me so hard that I can barely tie off the balloons!

I get on top of him, and as he thrusts me, I continue to blow balloons. I blow neon yellow and neon pink balloons, and toss them behind me–bouncing and grinding on his cock, as I hold the balloons in my hands.

I lay down on the bed, and he gets on top of me missionary style–thrusting his cock inside of me, as I moan from pleasure. I blow the neon yellow and neon green balloons until they are nice and big, and he continues to fuck me hard and fast. It feels so good, and I feel amazing with all of these balloons surrounding me! I lay further back into the balloons, and he jerks his cum all over my chest.

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Ultimate Balloon Sex Experience

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