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Neon Balloon Massacre




I have a whole bed and floor full of neon balloons, and I will pop every single one of them! I pick up an orange balloon, pushing one of my square heels all the way down onto it until it pops. I stand up and sit down, as I bounce the balloons underneath my heels–bouncing my heels hard on them, smashing them, and rolling the balloons underneath my heels. Oh, but I have a needle, too, and there’s so many ways I can pop them! I slide my needle over my tongue gently, and rub it across the balloon–nice and slowly. At any moment, I may poke the balloon with it! I even toss them in the air, jabbing and popping them, as they are still floating. As I pop one right after another, I slowly strip down to nothing but my heels. I slide my needle and heels across the balloons until they are helpless, and pop them to their demise. I love the sound of them smashing underneath my heels–the latex squeaks when I touch them gently. And the needle pops them so fast… I love popping them in one quick second! I alternate between popping the balloons with my heels and my needle.

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Neon Balloon Massacre