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Freezing And Manipulating Unsuspecting Girl




A girl is sleeping and wakes up as an intruder approaches her bedside. “Oh my God, what are you doing?” FREEZE. He has the power to control and lock her into place simply by saying “freeze.” The intruder looks over her body, and positions her feet so that he can see the soles. UNFREEZE. She continues to ask her what he is doing there, to leave her alone, and to get out. However, midway in her sentences, he freezes her–reposing her legs and feet, so that he can continue to admire her soles. He often gets close-ups of her non-blinking face, as she balances on one leg. Depending on her frozen stance, and the way he positions her, if the weight is unbalanced, she falls–completely frozen in place. He repositions her head in different directions, as well as her arms, hands, feet, and legs. As she falls onto the bed, he lifts her legs and head up–admiring her body, feet, and face. The intruder moves her arms, pushes her frozen body, and moves her head. He continues to go back and forth between FREEZE and UNFREEZE, often leaving her frozen for long periods of time before unfreezing her. She continues to complain, questioning him, until he locks her into place. Her eyes remain still, unblinking, and her body doesn’t move when she is frozen. As she remains frozen, he walks away–leaving her frozen forever.

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Freezing And Manipulating Unsuspecting Girl