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You Were About To Get Laid Until She Noticed Your Small Penis




I can’t wait to see your huge, hard cock. I’ve been waiting to have it deep inside of me. Come on, look at my body, and get turned on for me. Show me how huge your package really is. Do I turn you on? Show me. I’ve been thinking about it. I want to see how huge it is. Get really hard for me. You think I’m sexy, don’t you? I don’t see a bulge from your pants. Are you turned on? How about I give you a little bit more? Still no bulge from your pants… Maybe if I take a little bit off? You’d have to like that, right? Do you like that? DO YOU? I don’t see a bulge from your pants. Maybe if you pull it out, and give it a couple of tugs?

My tight pussy has been waiting for your huge cock. Show me how big it is. Pull it out for me. Come on. Is that even hard? You’re not hard, are you? How can you even tell? It’s just a head. Do you even have a shaft? Oh gosh, that’s pathetic. That’s tiny! How big are you? What is this supposed to do? How do you even jerk off, or masturbate with that thing? You probably just use your little fingers and shake it. But you know what’s disappointing? That little, tiny dick of yours probably only makes a little, tiny load, huh? Like a little drop. I’d be surprised if you even had pre-cum. You’d never be able to please a girl like me. Why don’t you just keep that thing away from me. Have you ever even put that thing inside of a girl’s mouth? You can’t even throat-fuck her. Trust me, no girl wants that. How do you actually fuck a girl? Since it’s that little head… How do you even? Do you even thrust? And you can’t thrust inside of her mouth. You can’t get a girl to drool all over her chin, and down her chest. Your tiny, little, baby dick can’t do that, can it? I bet you’re actually hard from me talking about how small it is. It’s so cute! A girl like me needs a REAL man’s cock–a nice, hard, huge cock thrusting inside of her. It must be disappointing to hear a girl moaning because she’s obviously faking–you’re not even doing anything to pleasure her! And, not only are you not pleasuring the girl, but your cum is going to be a little drop! Look at me. This is the nicest thing a girl is going to do for you. Remember, when you’re jerking off at home to me, to shake it a couple of times for me.

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You Were About To Get Laid Until She Noticed Your Small Penis