Freeuse Brother Fucks Sister While on Phone With Family


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“No one’s over here, it’s fine,” Fifi reassures her mom on the phone, “it’s just me and Nicky.” Ever since Mom and Dad left for their mini getaway, Mom has been calling in every day to check up on the k1ds. “I promise you I’m not going to bring any guys over,” Fifi says rolling her eyes.

As she relaxes on the couch talking to Mom, her brother, Nicky, comes in completely naked and with a throbbing erection. “Mom and Dad on the phone?” he asks casually. “Yeah, yeah…Mom’s on the phone right now, I’m talking to her,” Fifi replies, then continues her conversation.

Nicky slides his sister’s panties off, spreads her legs, and then goes down on her as she talks to Mom on the phone. “No, his girlfriend’s not coming over,” Fifi says to her mom. “Just focus on your trip…I promise, everything is fine,” she says in a comforting tone.

Nicky reaches up and gropes his sister, his tongue still flicking against her clit. After a few minutes, Fifi tells him that Mom wants to talk to him, and then hands him the phone. Without hesitation, Fifi switches places with her brother, and as Nicky talks to Mom, she gives him a blowjob.

Once he hands the phone back off to his sister, he positions her so he can fuck her. Fifi is casual, still wrapped up in her conversation, as her brother uses her body to get off.

The two siblings go back and forth on the phone promising to stay well-behaved. Once Nicky finally cums inside his sister, Fifi nonchalantly tells her mom (who can now obviously hear her son’s grunting), “Yes…he’s having sex with me again.” She continues to tell her mom that she can’t stay on the phone any longer because she needs to clean herself up, but makes sure to hand off the phone so Nicky can say good-bye.

“Mom, my hands are sticky. Yes, I love you, good-bye,” Nicky says quickly with cum covered fingers, then hangs up the phone. “She’s always freaking out about everything,” Fifi says to her brother, her hair now a mess, and the two siblings walk their separate ways to get cleaned up.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Nicky Rebel, brother/sister, free use family, brother uses sister as she talks on the phone with Mom, parents are out on a trip & are calling in to check up on the k1ds, very casual and normal for the family to have sex with one another, tit groping, pussy eating, pussy licking, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, both siblings talk to Mom while fucking, sex, creampie, cum in pussy, ignore

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Freeuse Brother Fucks Sister While on Phone With Family

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