Son’s Secret




Aiden changes the channel on his TV, then sits back to relax. “Aiden…Aiden,” Mom calls after him annoyed. “You didn’t clean up anything I asked you to,” she says barging into his room. As she rants and rages, she looks down and is horrified to see a pack of cigarettes lying on her son’s desk.

“What…is…this? Cigarettes?!” she asks pissed. Aiden is quick to deny any wrong doing, but Mom doesn’t believe a word he says. “You just wait until I tell your father,” Mom hisses at Aiden, which terrifies him. He begs her not to tell him, and when she begins to walk away, he jabs a syringe into the side of her neck.

Mom’s eyes slowly roll, her body relaxes, and she falls completely limp. Aiden lifts her up, then sets her limp body onto the white chaise nearby. He plays with her lifeless body, manipulating her limbs one by one, and shifts her head side to side. He open her eyelids to find her eyes rolled back inside her head.

Mom slowly regains consciousness and is mortified to find herself on the chaise. She screams, but Aiden is quick to syringe her again, and she falls back, once again, into her limp state. He becomes more daring with her body now, unbuttoning her top, and even groping her perky chest. However, it’s not too long before she wakes up again and sees what awful things her son is doing to her.

Mom tries to fight him off, but Aiden overpowers her, stabbing her in the neck once again. He now carries her lifeless body to the bed where he begins to strip her completely down, exposing her bare, beautiful body. He gropes her tits and plump ass, and when she wakes up again, he is quick to knock her out. “You’re not going to remember any of this anyway,” he tells her as he injects the fluid inside her.

He drags, rolls, and moves her heavy, limp body around the bed to look at her gorgeous figure, and comes up with an idea to make sure Dad doesn’t find out about the cigarettes or any future misbehavior. He’ll grab his phone, snap a few inappropriate pictures, and when the time comes, blackmail Mom into getting what he wants.

This clip includes: Nyxon, Aiden Valentine, mom/son, family, mom finds a pack of cigarettes on her son’s desk & threatens to dad about it, son begs her not to but when she doesn’t listen, he stabs her in the neck with a syringe, eye rolling, falls limp, limb manipulation, manipulating limbs, moving head from side to side, opening eyelids, undressing, stripping down, forced stripping, waking up confused & disoriented, horrified, syringed again, tit groping, tit play, high heels, fully nude, wakes up again, syringe, syringe x 3, lift & carry to bed, last syringe to make sure she doesn’t wake up for a while, slow pans over limp body, eye fetish, sleep fetish

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Son’s Secret

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