POV Mom Fucks Son While Studying




Step mom fucks step son in this porn movie with Nikki Brooks.

Amazing dialogue, and one of our personal favorites!

Mom sat in front of you. Her big brown eyes looked stressed, and a sigh came from her mouth. “Look, sweetie – you can hate me all you want, but there’s no more video games, no more computer, no more phone, no more anything,” she started to say. And unfortunately, you knew exactly where this speech was going – you were failing math.

Mom had several conference calls with your teacher regarding the issue, but no matter what was said or done, you just weren’t improving. Now Mom was desperate to help, to tutor you. “If you’re shy about asking for help at school, then at least ask me,” she said to you sweetly. “Now I bought you some multiplication cards that I thought could help.”

This was stupid – you didn’t want to do this. Multiplication was hard, and you felt dumb every time you got an answer wrong. “Okay, are you ready?” Mom asked. You were hesitant, but you nodded your head yes, and Mom held up a card that read 9 x 3. You spit out some random number because, in all honesty, you didn’t want to practice math when you could be playing a video game with your friends online.

“You’re not even trying,” Mom said frustrated. “Look, this isn’t a game. If your math grade does not go up, you can say good-bye to your summer at your father’s.” Mom tried again – card after card, and even though you got one or two right, you were still struggling.

“How about I give you a little incentive?” Mom asked. “For every one you get right, I will take something off. Don’t think that I didn’t see your little, naughty magazines.” Mom was comforting, she didn’t want you to be embarrassed about anything, and told you that it was normal to be curious. But now this little “incentive” made things interesting. You could see…everything? In real life?

Step mom fucks step son

Mom held another card in front of you, and before answering, you thought about it really hard. You just had to get the answer right. What was under Mom’s clothes? What did her tits look like? What about her…pussy? “Yes!” Mom smiled at your correct answer, then begin to clap her hands excitedly. She unzipped her pants and pulled them down. Wait – was that a nightgown underneath her clothes? She had an extra layer on just for this game.

This made it even more challenging for you, but you weren’t going to fail. However, Mom had more of a game planned than you thought…one where you could touch her, and she would touch you. But remember, you had to get the answer right, especially if you wanted to keep fucking her, or if you wanted to cum….

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, step mom fucks step son, POV, mom/son, family, son is having problems with math, Mom buys flash cards to practice, son isn’t trying & doesn’t care so Mom offers an incentive, for every right answer, she will strip a piece of clothing off, Mom has extra prizes as you go along, virtual tit groping, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, masturbation, virtual sex, missionary, simulated creampie, cum in pussy

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POV Mom Fucks Son While Studying

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