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Terra Mizu is in need of repair. She has been malfunctioning and has been sent to a remote office across town to be repaired by a technician. He examines the fembot and lays her down onto the exam table. He places her new chip on her chest between her big tits. Just a temporary fix until a proper chip can be surgically installed into the fembot units.

She boots up, and things get tense as her BIOS tests the chip for compatibility. It’s a match! Terrabot is ready to run a series of calibration tests.

Aiden runs her through a series of movements to test her coordination, reactions and other natural responses.

Okay, so far so good. The customer is going to be really happy.

But… now hear me out. I’ve got some really cool software, sexbot.exe. It is just an application that runs over top her firmware. It doesn’t actually change anything or effect the hardware. That’s what the codebase documentation said. Fuck it. I’m horny.

Let me just run this code through her terminal interface. There it is. BOOM, sexbot.

Now get on the exam table and fuck me!

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Sexbot.exe Upgrade Goes Wrong with Fembot Terra Mizu

Aiden Valentine

Terra Mizu