Nyxon has been hired as Aiden’s tutor. She’s a busty MILF with huge tits. But anyways, she’s supposed to be helping me write my essay for school.

My mom really thinks hiring a tutor is going to get me to do my work? Please. I’ve got better things to do. Besides, I’ve got this app that can brainwash women and put them into a trance. So, I’ll just use that… use the app to put Nyxon under a trance.

He orders the busty milf to give him a striptease.

Yes, Master.

She takes her top off and throws it to the ground. She turns to him and plays with her big tits.

Okay, that’s enough of the teasing. Let’s really see what I can make her do.

Nyxon, get down on the bed and masturbate.

She has no hesitation. Nyxon gets onto the bed and lays down onto her back. She reaches down to her pussy and plays with it until she orgasms. That’s good stuff.

I’ve been so distracted with my hot tutor I nearly forgot why I put her under the magic spell to begin with. Her orders her to complete his homework assignment for school. And she’s going to do it naked.

Now that she’s doing that I can get back to what I was working on. What was it again?

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Girl Hypnotized And Does Controlled Striptease and Masturbation Under Trance

Aiden Valentine