Step Brother And Sister Share Bed: Kitana Kojima




Kitana is my stepsister. We’ve been sleeping in the same room a long time, and it’s always been that way since we we’re little. But there is a big secret we’ve been keeping from mom and dad.

Kitana and I are actually fucking while they’re asleep in their bedroom. It’s bad too, because we share a wall directly with their bedroom. They haven’t busted us yet but I think they’ve been geeting suspicious.

Anyways, I’ve been working on my homework all night. Because I’ve got an exam and 3 other lectures tomorrow. I’ve been waiting¬†for mom and dad to finally go to bed. They’ve been watching re-runs of That 70’s Show for like 3 hours, it’s getting really late…

YES! They’re asleep.

Sis and I waste no time sensually stripping eachother naked. Exploring eachother’s bodies while their parents are asleep next door. They don’t have to know.

Aiden grabs his sister’s breasts and she moans in pleasure as he rubs her pussy. He sticks his hard cock and fucks his sister hard. The bed is sqeaking, and I don’t think my sister is gonna be able to hold in her moaning for very long. I hope our parents took their nighttime meds.

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Step Brother And Sister Share Bed: Kitana Kojima


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