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My Mind Fucked Step Sister Kitana Kojima




Kitana is my step sister. There was this one time we messed around a long time ago. But she denies it. Anyways…

I don’t know where my stepsis was planning on going. But damn she looks good dressed in her hot pink top. I asked her for a blowjob.  I lied, I told her I’ve never had a blowjob to win some sympathy points for myself. To which she proceeded to flip out.

Right, that did not go well. New plan, I’ve got a mind control chip. It’s pretty neat, I bought it off ebay for like a hundred and seventy-five bucks. All I need to do is get her to wear it.

Check this out sis. You put this chip on you, and it makes you super smart.

He quickly places the chip on her chest and activates it. I can tell it’s working. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…. BEEP.

Hey sis, can I have a blowjob?



She obeys and pulls out his cock. Her long metallic nails run down his abs and hard cock. His sister sticks her stepbrother’s cock in her mouth and gives him a nice sloppy blowjob. Twisting her wrists as she strokes his cock.

He then commands her to masturbate. She lays back on the couch and follows his orders. She begins by rubbing her pussy over her panties. Rubbing hard and moaning in front of her brother. She slides one hand beneath her white panties and continues to pleasure herself.

The camera cuts to POV and Kitana’s step brother slides his cock into his sister’s pussy. He fucks her hard. Real hard. This opportunity can’t go to waste!

She screams out in pleasure as her brother is fucking her. When he is ready to cum he pulls out his cock and cums all over his sister’s body, tits, face, and hair.

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My Mind Fucked Step Sister Kitana Kojima


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