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Stepd​ad’s Little Sinner, Corrupting My Preacher Stepf​a​t​h​er




I have a confession to make…

I guess I should start off by saying that my stepd​â​d and I are totally different. He’s the preacher at a church, and well, I guess you could call me a “bad girl”… I kinda get caught sucking off boys underneath the bleachers. I don’t know what it is… I just love feeling in control, being able to make them squirm, and then having them burst into my mouth.

Anyways… My stepd​â​d came into my room the other day, and told me that we needed to talk. This happens all the time, and now I just laugh when he says someone saw me underneath the bleachers. It’s funny watching him struggle to even say “orally pleasuring” in a sentence. It makes him so uncomfortable! He made me swear that I wouldn’t do it again, especially since I almost got suspended, and then started talking about Bible stuff… Oh yeah, I’m the youth group leader at church. Ugh.

Well, I made the mistake of pulling my shirt down, and my stepd​â​d started complaining about my clothes. He said my skirt was too short, and that my shirt showed my “undergarments.” People say that?… He told me to take them off, and I said no. If he wants them to come off, he can do it himself… I like my clothes. Well, after arguing with me for a few seconds, he actually started taking them off of me! I don’t know what he was expecting to happen, but he had me in just my lingerie, and I was wearing a thong. I laughed when he said it was inappropriate, and started shaking my ass in front of him. He kept demanding I return my “whore” clothes to my friend.

I turned around to see a boner bulging from his pants, and I told him THAT was inappropriate. He was embarrassed, so I pushed him onto the bed, and couldn’t help smiling. I love being wanted… He kept trying to fight it, but I told him I’d take care of him. God, he’s so uptight and worked up all the time anyways. I figured, fuck, maybe I could help him relax. I unbuttoned his shirt, pulled off his pants, and soon stepd​â​d was quiet. I brushed my pink nails against his skin, and massaged his shaft with my fingers. I could feel his cock throbbing, his veins bulging… and I knew I had to get him off. I put his cock into my mouth, and didn’t stop sucking and jerking until he erupted. I let him watch as his purity dripped out of my mouth, and down my fingers. I even got a sweet taste of it…

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Stepd​ad’s Little Sinner, Corrupting My Preacher Stepf​a​t​h​er

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