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Remote Controlled Babysitter Puts On A Show




Terra has been put in charge of some brat while his parents are gone. She’s supposed to make sure he does his homework, he doesn’t doesn’t burn down the house, or spend too much time on videos games.

Aiden has been quietly working on schoolwork in his bedroom when he comes out to confront the babysitter. He’s being friendly today. Not talking back or anything. He pulls out a bright red gift bag and hands it to his babysitter. It’s a gift just for her, how sweet! Or so she thinks…

He pulls a crystal necklace out from the bag. For some reason Terra can’t take her eyes off of it. She’s drawn to it. “How pretty?” She exclaims. He gently puts the necklace around her neck, then clasps the back.

Suddenly the crystal lights up on the front of the necklace with a bright flash. She can’t move her own body anymore. It’s like her muscles have locked up.

Aiden begins giving her commands to follow, and she obeys. He tells her to take her top off, and although she says no — her body is says “yes.” She pulls her shirt up and twists it ’round her head like a helicopter.

He tries out another command, “shake your ass.” The necklace lights up, and she bend over the furniture and twerks her ass. She’s panicked that her movements are no longer in control, and her body is being manipulated by some brat — some teenager with raging hormones. He’s relentless. He makes her strip off her bra. She pulls out her big tits and shakes them around.

Which commands will he try out next?

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Remote Controlled Babysitter Puts On A Show