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Your Daughter Kitana Kojima Shows You Her New Toy




Your daughter has been wanting to share something with you. After pleading with you to come to her room, you’ve finally given in and upon entering, soon learn that she has planned to take advantage of the time she has with you while Mom is still at work. “Hey Daddy, I’ve got something to show you”, Kitana says as she sits up on the bed. Reaching across from where she is sitting, you see her pick something up. As she turns back, she gives you a good long look at her new she’s about to use.

You can almost feel the whir of the vibrator as she flicks the power on. Laying back to get into position, you realize you’re going to get to watch Kitana as she enjoys her own hand of pleasure. After laying back on the bed she wastes no time getting started as she reaches down and starts touching her clit through panties. Deciding to stop almost immediately just long enough to make herself more comfortable by grabbing a pillow to put under her head. Settling back into position, she stretches out the top band of her panties to start rubbing the head of the vibrator against her bare clit. Just a couple of strokes before she pulls the vibrator out, going back to rubbing her clit through her panties instead.

The sly grin she is wearing on her face proudly if fully indicative of the fact that she isn’t trying to get anywhere too fast. Pulling her panties to the side, she slides it up and down her pussy in a slower fashion to give you the best of visuals. “Do you like that, Daddy”, she says, as she starts to use a heavier hand with the vibrator. Her moans and a couple of quick, little hip thrusts show that she is excited to be with herself to show you this right now. Now that she’s got things really heated and going she decides to take her panties off. Removing them is best, both for you to have the best view you could get, and gives her easier access for her own goal. She goes on to increase the intensity of what she’s doing to herself by alternating through a series of slight changes in hand. First, only holding the vibrator with one hand, sometimes reaches down to use both hands for more pressure on her throbbing pussy.

Sometimes slowly giving her self small strokes by sliding the the head of the vibrator up and down her lips, she stops long enough to give her juicy hole attention too. Then she switches to giving herself those small circular motions that are almost a flick, directly on her clit. While she consistently does these slight changes of hand for a better outcome, there is one thing she never waivers on. Making sure that the vibrator is being pressed against her beautiful, shaved pussy at every moment in time, its clear that she knows just how to push her own buttons. Continually crying out in satisfaction, there are moments you see her hips naturally gyrate to coincide with the strokes she’s already providing via hand.

Wanting to feel that rush hit in multiplicity, you watch as her legs quiver here and there. Randomly she starts to do that frantic search for something to grab onto, but never really finding what she needs for her clutch, but still never letting up off of her clit. When you see her go into a fit of little jumps, twitches and shakes that are bordering a full on conniption, you know that she just reached her goal. Self content fills her smile as she sits up on the bed after turning the vibrator off to ask “Did you like that, Daddy”?

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Your Daughter Kitana Kojima Shows You Her New Toy


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