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My Sister and I Swapped Bodies feat. Kitty Catherine




Crawling into the bed Aiden asks his sister, Kitty, what exactly she’s done today. After making the comment that he is exhausted, she follows up with her being tired too. She tells him it’s none of his business what she’s done for the day and he feels confident that while he worked all day, she was more inactive and should not be as tired as him. As he starts getting settled and tries to get comfortable, his sister is quick to let him know that he is going to have to allot her more space. Responding with telling her how she takes up the bed every night, sleeping in a myriad of different positions, sometimes that involving her sleeping diagonally therefore taking up about the entirety of the bed. A little perturbed by his statements, she doesn’t hesitate to tell him how her lady parts take up more space. With her having a big ass and a set of tits, she automatically needs way more bed than he does. As he scoffs over her “pulling the woman card”, he finds her claims ridiculous. She goes on to say that he’s going to have to learn that since she has the pussy she makes the rules.

Both laying down and falling fast asleep, Aiden wakes up before the night is over in need of a drink of water. As he scopes out the fact that his sister’s things are still scattered about the floor from her returning from vacation a week prior, he starts discussing with himself aloud about his inability to get a drink of water without falling and breaking a limb. Taking notice that there is something wrong with his voice, he discovers there’s also something wrong with his body. “Wait, no, that’s not right; I don’t have pink toenails”, he says. Curious as to what the knocking he hears, is, he becomes privy to what it is that woke him up. In disbelief that the knocking isn’t waking his sister, it doesn’t take him long to lose concern over the noise once he realizes he has boobs. Raising his shirt to inspect, he finds it lame that his sister is wearing a sports bra, but that doesn’t stop him from getting the access he’s needing. Pulling the sports bra up to expose his tits, he is quite pleased with his new anatomy. Jumping to make them jiggle and groping them, he exclaims how “soft they are” and doesn’t miss the fact that her nipples are already hardening. Not amused by her choice to wear a skirt to bed, he slips off after unbuttoning it. Pleasantly surprised by his having thighs and a cute tummy now, he goes on to explore the rest of his new anatomy. “Oh, I have a vagina. Oh my God, that’s so weird”, he whispers loudly to himself as he touches his pussy for inspection.

“Oh my God, I have an ass”, he says as he spins around pulling his panties up into a thong-like position while giggling. Next he decides that since she’s left an array of clothing assorted on the floor, that he may as well see what fun he can have with playing a small version of dress up. Still curious how the knocking isn’t waking her up, he tries on the first pair of shorts. Stopping in between to notice how weird it is for his words to come out in his sister’s voice. Having to recollect how he has seen his sister fit into clothing items that seemed to be a tight fit, he wiggles his hips a little to get the shorts pulled the rest of the way up and in a position to be fastened. Feeling like this was much easier for his own execution, he doesn’t know why it seems like its so hard for her. The white shorts reflect some make up residue from his hands and he quickly contemplates if she wears makeup to bed, but not for long. Becoming excited once again over his new anatomy, he giggles like a school girl as he jumps and twirls to check out his new ass. Unsure if he could do this kind of thing everyday, he finds the shorts a little tight, but is enticed by them being a little stretchy. The knocking still prominent, he expresses his continuing disbelief that it hasn’t woke his sister then commences to admit he hopes it doesn’t as he is enjoying this strange occurrence and wants to play dress up some more.

Bouncing with joy, he moves along to the next piece of clothing. Not happy with how the shirt of choice is going to wear with the bra his sister has on, he becomes enlightened by the fact that he can simply remove the bra for his new titty nipples to show through the fabric of the shirt. This will make it totally hot, instead of weird like on his own body. After having the thought of girls clothes being weird, he finally figures out how to put the shirt on and is stoked with the results. Putting on a ditsy demeanor he giggles some more as he bounces a little more, rattling off at the mouth with “I’m Kitty, I leave my sh*t all over the floor, I have small tits and perky nipples and a. big. fat. ass. I take up the whole bed” and then some snide tones similar to “blah blah blah”. More chuckles and another comment of how great this situation is, he’s ends up deducting to the point that he could get away with anything he wanted as long as he’s dressed like this. Not in his body of course, but this one that’s his sister’s. As he’s going on, something on the floor catches his eye that is underneath the lot of the pile.

“What’s this” he asks then answering his own question as he becomes sure it is a piece of lingerie and is happy to see that it even has matching thongs. “Fuck this outfit” he says, then continues to speak about the fact that he isn’t sure about putting a thong on, but if he’s to get the full experience of this he doesn’t have much choice. Getting off the outfit he put on just moments ago, he’s excitedly working towards getting on the sexier wardrobe find. “Damn, how does she get in and out of these every day” he says to himself, almost finding it harder to remove the shorts than it was getting them on. Making sure that the bows are on the outside and then investigating all sides of the top piece of lingerie, it doesn’t take him long to figure it out, have it on and in place. “Ok, ok, now I gotta do the scary thing”, expressing his nerves over putting the thong on as he slides the panties he’s currently wearing, off. Following up with comments of how he’s going to be putting on butt floss and how while he enjoys the view of a girl in thongs, he never thought he’d be trying one on.

Getting a kick out of the fact his previous outfit is on the ground, he kicks the clothes and giggles making more mockery of his sister’s messiness. Inspecting the second piece of lingerie to ensure the tag is in correct placement before stepping into it, he finds the feeling of the thong pretty weird and is unsure if he could wear it for any amount of time. Its kind of cool though and he does have a vagina, he reiterates as he reaches down to touch it some more, finding it to be squishy and wet. “Look at me, I’m so annoying, I’m going to walk outside like this because I’m a slut. I need a whole bed because my ass is so fucking big” he attests with more giggles in between as he grabs and jiggles his ass. This brings him to notice she is kind of right about needing more space, but also being dramatic about it. Really getting a kick out of how it feels for parts of him to be jiggling that shouldn’t be, he revisits all the jiggle savvy parts of his new anatomy. Still reveling in how cool the situation is, he winces at more knocking. He really doesn’t want his sister get woke up as he still isn’t done having his fun yet.

He becomes amused by being able to squish his tits together. He always finds it really hot when he sees girls do that. Then making remarks about a bra’s ability to create the same effect he decides he’s been being lied to this whole time by them. He’s seen his sister with a much tighter cleavage at some moments in time and that’s bullsh*t because her tits are no more than a handful. That just means he’ll have to be more cautious from now on about what he sees. A quick consideration of taking off, he talks about how much stuff he could do with this new body as he reaches down, around and behind his self to touch his pussy some more. The feeling of the wet on his finger tips, he’s use to. Feeling himself be wet from the inside, not so much. Its weird, but it feels so good. Getting caught up with how he’s making himself feel, he decides to move things to the front. After all, the clit is supposed to be fairly sensitive and he finds that as true after just gently touching his clit. “I wonder how long this is going to last”, he says, going on to admit he wants to get crazy by going and getting fucked or sucking dick or something. Out of nowhere, his sister calls out.

Bro, stop with the banging already” she says as she sits up in bed. “What are you building right now” she starts to ask as she notices that she is looking at herself then wanting to know if she is actually dreaming. He tries to roll with it and just tell her that she is definitely dreaming through a lot of giggles. Noticing her own new anatomy, she is dreadful of confirmation that they have in fact, switched bodies. She doesn’t need an answer, letting her brother know she smells his stank body and not taking kindly to her claim, is fast at his witty response of smelling like “an entitled bitch”.

Not sure how to address the boner in Aiden’s body’s pants, his sister just ends up wanting to know why his body as a boner while looking at her anyway. As her brother starts to go into an explanation, grabbing and jiggling his ass some more, she demands that he stop playing with her ass. She agrees about her having a nice ass as she gives her own ass a slap. Both enjoying that little bit of touch, they go on to start inspecting their own bodies as well as their new anatomy. Discovering her hard dick, she demands that her brother tell her how she can get rid of it. After some sibling rivalry over each other’s usual demeanor, Kitty decides to make her brother suck her cock since he wants to help so badly. Guaranteeing he’ll be better anyway, he hits his knees and gets ready to suck her cock, making sure to tell her she should take notes. As he starts stroking her cock, he continues to ridicule her over what she probably does or doesn’t do during her own sexual activities.

They both come to the conclusion that this is an educational opportunity to learn more about what they could be doing better. For more ridicule, he decides to give a real life impression of his sister sucking dick. Giving her instruction on what to do the next time she has the chance to suck dick, telling her to write it down. Then shoving her dick down his throat, he really begins fucking her with his mouth. Suddenly stopping to pop back with pride and ask “how was that”. All she can say is “wow” as she is quite impressed with her brother’s dick sucking ability and admitting that it feels pretty good. He also makes sure to bolster the importance of spit while he continues to gag all over her cock. Then removing his shirt to give his sister a better a view, he has to say how great boobs are. Getting into the situation, his sister decides to facefuck him just a little. Alternating sensations between using his tongue, whole mouth, and hands he is really putting on for his sister and plans to make her blow her load. he doesn’t stop with his sister’s cock until she drenches him with her load, even putting some in his mouth.

3.8/5 (15 Reviews)

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My Sister and I Swapped Bodies feat. Kitty Catherine


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