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Mombot: The New Boyfriend




Your mom, Nyxon, has been the best mother a kid could ask for. She’s always at your baseball games, makes the best apple pie, and even bought you a car for your graduation present.

You let out a “Hey mom, I’m home” as you walk through the front door. She’s already standing there to greet you. As if she’s been waiting for you to come home. That’s weird.

“Honey, We need to talk.” She goes on to explain, “I’m not really your mom, I am a robot. I was programmed to take care of you.” You think she’s kidding, but she’s quite serious. “See look, I can prove it. Look at my microchip.” She opens her blouse slightly to reveal a tiny green PCB board between her big tits. But you’re not convinced. “I don’t believe you.”

“Faceplate removed.” You look back up at her. This time she’s removed the access panel covering the circuitry behind her faceplate.

There’s no denying it. Your mom is a fembot. Rather, “Nyxon” is a fembot. It feels strange calling her by her first name.

“I’d like to take our relationship to the next level. I’m going to stop being your “mom” and I’m going to start being your “girlfriend.””

She leads you upstairs and waits for you on the bed. She motions for you to come into her bedroom. You step to the foot of her bed, and she pulls off her evening dress. She’s completely naked underneath except the tiny microchip which rests between her breasts.

She’s been attracted to you for a long time, and she’s not afraid to let you know her true feelings now that she’s opened up to you. She scoots herself to the end of the bed — then spreads her legs.

Her pussy feels so good, you can’t believe how real everything feels. Her boobs, her ass — squishy just like she said. Missionary is great, you watch her huge tits bounce around as you’re fucking.

“Warning: Core Temperature Rising”

You two are so caught up in that moment, you can’t stop fucking her. She lets out one last orgasm and you cum inside her pussy.

“Warning: Foreign substance detected in genital module.” Her whole body twitches and jolts around.

“Mal-mal-malfunction.” She then tells you to call her service phone number which is printed on the back of her neck. But she’s jerking around so much you’re afraid she’s gonna fall on the ground and hurt herself. Her eyes flutter and face twists and distorts. “Call the number!”


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Mombot: The New Boyfriend


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