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Freaky Friday: Nyxon and Son Switch into Each Others’ Body




It’s a school night and Aiden Valentine is still up playing video games. Nyxon calls her son upstairs for bed. “Aiden, it’s time for bed. You have school in the morning.” He argues with her for a minute, but it’s clear she’s not too happy.

Nyxon shouts at her son from the top of the stairs. “You didn’t do your chores today so get to bed.” He runs up the stairs to confront his mother. “You didn’t do the dishes. You didn’t clean your bathroom. And you didn’t do the laundry.”

He pleads. “Those chores are for girls.”

She argues back, “I go into work… I change the oil in my car, so don’t do this gender bullshit with me.”

He throws his arms into the air. “I don’t know how to change the oil to a car. Maybe if you bought me a car, I’d know how to change the oil to your car.” His mom laughs hysterically. “Haha, real funny.” She regains her composure then demands he go to bed as punishment. Aiden storms off to his bedroom and slams the door.

Night falls and the house is quiet. A loud crackling erupts throughout the house. Flashes of light fill his mother’s bedroom.

The next morning Aiden wakes up in bed, not quite feeling like himself. Something is seriously wrong. “What’s wrong with my voice?” Everything from the bed sheets, to the walls have changed. This is a different room. The soft velvet of his nightie brushes against his breasts. He panics. “Oh my God!” He has boobs… and they’re huge. That’s when reality hits him — he switched bodies with his mom!

The Body Switch

He runs into his mom’s bathroom. “Did I change into my Mom. This is really weird, I can’t be a middle aged woman!” His mother’s beautiful body distracts him. He’s mesmerized. “Or is it cool?” He grabs his mom’s big boobs. “These are nice. I wonder what the rest of me looks like.”

A soft, velvet nightie hits the tile floor; the nude figure of his mom’s body reflects back to him in the mirror. “Jeez mom, didn’t know you had it in you.” He admires his mother’s bust and curves while groping himself, or rather “herself.” He looks over at the toilet, “I guess I’ll have to go the the bathroom sitting down? Oh, that’s weird. We’ll come back to that.”

Not wanting his mom to wake up and spoil the fun. He decides to have some fun in her “vessel” before she realized they’ve switched into each other’s body. He jumps onto the bed completely undressed then begins to explore. His hands reach down to his mother’s pussy and he rubs her clit. “Ooh. I like that!”

Wasting no time, he gets to work. He reaches climax and experiences the sensation of the female orgasm for the first time… and it’s amazing. “I hope mom didn’t hear.”

We Have A Problem

Just then his mom shouts through the hallway and busts through the door. “Son, we have a problem.” He’s staring at his mom who’s in his body, then she says, “We need to switch bodies back.” If they have sex while in each other’s body, there is a good chance they’ll switch back. Or that’s the idea. He says to his mom, “just don’t tell anyone about this.”

His mom fumbles around with his cock, then seems to get the hang of it. She quickly gets up to speed on using male penis. In fact, she seems to be enjoying herself. They have sex, and her son enjoys it too. He moans in pleasure as his mom fucks him hard. His breasts bounce around as gets fucked by his own cock. His mom’s body climaxes and then he hops onto his dick cowgirl-style.

Bouncing around on his cock, his breasts feels like bowling balls attached to his chest. It’s no wonder women wear bras. He feels his vagina tighten and lets out a loud orgasm and the waves of pleasure wash over his body.

They look at each other. “Did it work?”

4.3/5 (3 Reviews)

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Freaky Friday: Nyxon and Son Switch into Each Others’ Body


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