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Assisting the Boss



Oh, hey boss. I know, I know… Ugh. I misfiled some records, I missed voicemails. Listen, I’m really sorry. Please, I know I can be a better assistant. I just– I don’t– Please just don’t fire me. I can show you how valuable I am to this company. I really can. I know, I know… I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.

You know, I, um, I’ve noticed that you kinda seem distracted lately. Is there something wrong? I mean, you’ve been taking sneak peeks at my thongs, haven’t you? You think I don’t notice? I know you do. I’ve been wearing them to make the work place a little bit prettier for you… And, rumor has it that, well, your last assistant told me that you like to have your cock sucked. She said that you have the biggest load she’s ever seen. And since I need to prove that I am of value to this company, I thought I might see if I could handle it… If that’s okay with you, of course. I brought a couple of things that you may be interested in seeing… You know, so I can keep my job. Do you mind if I show you them?…

Hey boss, why don’t you get comfortable? Take a seat for me. Did I tell you how much I like to suck cock? I can’t wait to have your huge load inside my mouth…

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Assisting the Boss