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Part 1: Hi, my name is Fifi Foxx, and I’m a personal trainer at Foxx’s Fitness. I’m making this documentary for all those women that may be suffering with obesity, or are maybe a little bit bigger than they’d like to be. I’ve noticed in the gym that a lot of bigger girls like to take pictures of themselves, and say that they’re at the gym, but they usually don’t even work out. So, I’m going to make a documentary in which I show my weight gain for those girls, and show them how easy it is to lose weight if you’re determined enough.

Okay, first is first. Let me go ahead and show you me now. See? I’m nice and fit, thin. I have a flat stomach… The things that I eat in the morning are fruits, yogurt–I usually have a light breakfast. I have three meals a day, that includes anything with meat, vegetables, fruit, and I drink orange juice or milk, and have maybe some fruit snacks in between.

I actually have cleared out my whole fridge, and replaced it with a bunch of junk food… So, this is what I’m going to be eating for the next month. I’m going to try to gain as much weight as I can within the next month, and then lose it all. There’s pizza, pretzels, sausage biscuits, ice cream, onion rings, fries…

I left these three (yogurts) out to show that I’m getting rid of my healthy food, so I’ll be throwing these away… A lot of girls tell me that it’s really hard to cut back on the food that they’re eating, they eat a lot of sugary foods, so I’m going to be eating those foods from now on. I’m kinda nervous because I haven’t had donuts in a few years; I don’t know if my stomach will be able to handle it because it’s so small and tight, but I’m going to stuff as much food as I can with each meal…

I got some soda that I will be drinking with every single meal, so I can really get into the mindset of these girls that have a problem with their weight… I can already tell this is going to be a challenge. Just a lot of chocolate and sugar in the morning. I also have some biscuits that I’m going to make into donuts by frying them in the deep fryer that I got.

I made sure to get a bag of powdered sugar to put on these to make them that much more fattening. I’m going to go ahead and try to finish the rest of these donut holes, and try to eat a couple of these sugared donuts…

Part 2: It’s been two weeks into my month of gaining weight, and I’m still trying to motivate bigger girls to work out. I worked my way up to a 4000 calorie diet every day. I feel kinda sluggish, but I haven’t exercised, I haven’t eaten anything healthy. Pizza, hot , pops, tons of sugary things, like donuts and candy bars.

But I am completely determined to show these girls that they can lose weight without a problem. They just have to be determined enough. I really wanna show these girls how fantastic they can look. They just need a role model. And honestly, I’ve kinda got addicted to this junk food. No wonder they eat so much of it, it’s really good.

As you can see, I’ve grown a little pouch here… getting pretty flabby. It wiggles and everything, but it’s not gonna be a problem. I’m going to be able to lose it in no time. My stomach can actually handle a lot more food now, before it was really tight. Mmm… This is really good.

I just have two more weeks of eating like this, so that I can show everyone in the gym that I can lose all of this. I’m not used to not having any energy. I kinda just wanna s​l​e​e​p, and sit here. I’m pretty sure I’m getting some fat on my back, too, on my sides. These girls are going to be so excited to see me lose all of this weight. Alright, two more weeks… Can’t wait to see what happens.

Part 3: It’s been actually two weeks PAST my monthly weight gain challenge. So, it’s been six weeks since I’ve started. I went two weeks past. The gym keeps calling me to come in, but I just don’t really have the energy to.

I wore this bikini to show my progress. As you can see, it’s really tight. It barely covers my chest, and I just feel so out of energy all the time. I was actually just going to have a light snack before my dinner. I just love sugar powdered donuts. I made sure to include a lot of powdered sugar on there.

I don’t know, I just don’t feel like going into the gym. I’ve definitely gained a lot of weight… I just wanna watch TV. I haven’t exercised at all. These are so good… Yeah, but this bikini is really tight. I’ve been drinking so much pop, this stuff is really addicting. It’s kinda just easy not having to work out, watch TV, and lay around… eat some nice food…

Look at this big, nice stomach. I mean, I’m sure that I can lose it, and show these girls how easy it is to lose, but I’ll probably just, like, go to the gym tomorrow or the next day… Man, I’m going to have such a big dinner. Oh gosh, I really need to go back to the gym and show these girls that they can do this. Mmm… This is so good. Well, I think it’s time to start making some dinner, and I’ll just lose this tomorrow or something… Watch some TV first.

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4000 Calorie Diet: Personal Trainer Weight Gain Documentary

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