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Mpreg Labor and Birthing with Manpuppy and Aiden Valentine

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**Starring ManPuppy and Aiden Valentine**

Aiden feels like he is ready to burst, so he rushes into Dr. Lennox’s office. “I feel it kicking right now,” Aiden says grunting in pain as he waddles over.

Dr. Lennox begins an examination, first asking the patient to remove his pants. “You’re due in three weeks? Three weeks,” he confirms with Aiden. “A little early.” He presses his hand against the patient’s big, pregnant belly and feels a kick. “Whoa, you’re absolutely right!” the doctor saying agreeing with Aiden’s concerns.

Dr. Lennox wraps a cuff around Aiden’s arm to check his blood pressure, and then has him lie down for further examination. Although Aiden keeps saying he feels like he’s ready to pop, the doctor still thinks it’s too early.

However, when the doctor continues to check out Aiden’s body, he notices that Aiden is a little bit dilated. “I-I think my water broke!” Aiden screams after a huge gush of fluids hits Dr. Lennox in the face. “I think you’re right,” the doctor replies, his face dripping wet.

Although Aiden begs for the epidural, the doctor tells him it’s too late for that, and that they’ll have to proceed the birth the natural way. Dr. Lennox guides him through some breathing exercises, and then instructs him to push.

Aiden grunts and screams in pain, and after a painful labor, Dr. Lennox hands him his new, beautiful baby. A huge smile runs across Aiden’s face, “Oh, Doc…he’s beautiful. He’s got my eyes, Doc.”


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