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Daddy, Impregnate Me

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**Starring Olivia Kasady **

“Daddy, I missed you so much,” your daughter, Olivia, said sweetly to you. It was wrong, especially in the way that she meant it. You didn’t mean for things to get this way, for things to happen the way that they did. 

But you couldn’t change the past. You couldn’t change the fact that you had a passionate and intimate night of love-making with your daughter. Just the thought alone made you sick to your stomach, and now the way she looked at you with her soft, blue, crystal eyes made you feel so old and dirty.

“You know I’m in love with you, Daddy,” she said. “Please be with me.” It hurt you to hear her say that. She was your little girl, your angel, and now you had given her false hope of something more. “Don’t you want to run away with your little girl, Daddy?” she continued.

Oh, you did, but you couldn’t. It wasn’t right. You had to tell her no – you had to be her dad. Olivia sat in front of you, begging for your, once more, sweet love and affection, and you couldn’t give it to her. 

“You’re everything I want in a man,” Olivia said to you. “Just one last time?” she asked desperately. “Remember that one time, Daddy, that one time when you were inside of me? I want it again.” Olivia tried to sweetly seduce you, showing off her young, perky tits and juicy ass. But you couldn’t. You had to fight your urges and all the horrible feelings and thoughts that came to you about her young, innocent body.

This was your fault – it truly was. And you didn’t know how to fix it. Your sweet daughter looked at you with her big, blue eyes, asking for one last favor, one last thing. If you guys couldn’t be together, then maybe you could give her your seed, your cum…so that she’d have a baby that looked like you, that was part of you, that would remind her of you – something she could have forever. 

This clip includes: Olivia Kasady, POV, dad/daughter, daddy/daughter, innocent daughter is in love with her dad after an accidental night of passionate love-making, she begs for her father’s affection, dad has to reject her because he knows it was wrong, daughter tries to sweetly seduce him (you), tit groping, ass smacking, ass grabbing, daughter begs to be touched, dad has to reject her (POV, no male voice), she asks for one last favor – for you to impregnate her so that she can have something that reminds her of you, impregnation talk, virtual sex, riding, cowgirl, missionary, pregnant talk, simulated creampie 

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