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Manpuppy Wedgie Bully Aiden Valentine

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**Starring ManPuppy and Aiden Valentine**

“No – no, that is NOT how I raised him,” Dad says on the phone to his son’s teacher. “I promise you this is going to be dealt with.” Meanwhile, Aiden is furious, threatening some of his classmates from school on a different phone. 

“Off the phone now!” Dad snaps at Aiden. “Dad, I’m-I’m in the middle of-” Aiden replies, but is quickly cut off when his dad takes over his phone. “We need to talk, come over here,” Dad tells him.

The two sit down on the couch, and Dad confronts his son about his horrible habit of bullying other students at school. “Bullying? I haven’t been bullying anyone,” Aiden lies. Of course Dad doesn’t believe him, and in an attempt to teach his son a lesson about bullying, decides to bully Aiden so he knows what it feels like. 

Dad pushes him against the couch, reaches for his whitey tighties, and then yanks them. Aiden grunts and whines in pain, but still won’t admit to bullying anyone at school. 

“Lie one more time!” Dad yells, pulling his underwear even harder and higher. Aiden’s face turns red from the discomfort. “No more, okay?” Aiden pleads, but Dad isn’t so forgiving. “Maybe I was teasing one of the students,” Aiden confesses. 

But that’s still not good enough for Dad. He yanks his son’s underwear from the front, giving Aiden a gigantic melvin wedgie. Aiden tries to justify his reason for bullying, but rather than get sympathy from his dad, he just keeps getting wedgied. To make matters worse, Dad begins taking pictures of Aiden’s big wedgies for everyone to see. 

As a final lesson for humiliating and bullying students, Dad gives his son an atomic wedgie. Aiden stays stuck with his underwear all the way over his head and wedged between his butt. 


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