Adult Diaper

  • Boss Punishes Whining Employees With Diaper Discipline

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    After one of the employees got a big promotion, the work place has been complete chaos. Two of the other employees, Constance and Fifi, have been causing drama, and have even gone as far as harassing their co-worker about his promotion.

    When their boss, Aiden, catches wind of the whole situation, he calls the two women into his office to discuss their behavior. However, rather than hear or believe anything their boss is telling them, the two women continue to whine and bitch.

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  • Lizzy’s Very Dirty Diaper

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    Little Lizzy is content playing with her cute toys, reading her book, and sipping juice out of her baby bottle.

    She lets out a happy sigh, but then realizes she has to pee. The urge gets worse, and she calls for her daddy, but he doesn’t respond. I can’t hold it for much longer.”

    Unable to hold it anymore, she decides to pee in her diaper.

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  • Stroke It, Daddy, to Our Wet Diapers

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    Hi, Daddy. My diaper feels really thick and really heavy. Your little girls giggle, and encourage you to stroke your cock as they shake their rattle toys.

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  • Sexy Ass Shaking In A Diaper

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    Do you want me to shake my ass–wearing this nice diaper. Come on. I lift my small top off, making myself topless, and continue to move my ass in sexy ways–showing it off at all angles.

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