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  • Georgia & Fifi

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    Georgia & Fifi

    My friend, Georgia, and I have gotten so fat. Our big, soft bellies had begun to hang over our panties while we sat down, so we figured it might be time to step on the scale.

    Once we saw our weight, it was no surprise as to why we had gotten so pudgy and squishy everywhere. My chest had grown bigger, I had a bulging belly, and my butt had doubled in size.

  • 3 Fatties Body Comparison

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    3 Fatties Body Comparison

    After stuffing ourselves with a huge meal, Ivy, Wood, and I sit our fat asses on the couch. “I look so fat right now,” I say, sitting up and looking at my mini fat rolls.

    “You think that is fat. “I mean…you have to be at least twice the size of her,” Wood tells Ivy.

    Curious to see how big the girls really are to my growing, chubby body, I suggested we measure ourselves.

  • Our Growing Bellies

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    Our Growing Bellies

    My two plump friends, Ivy and Wood, and I will be measuring our big, fat bellies for you. Our bodies are at completely different states: mine being a small, bulging, beginner belly, Ivy’s huge SSBBW belly, and Wood’s perfectly round belly.

    After measuring our growing bellies, we sit down to compare what they look like standing vs. Ivy’s enormous belly overflows to almost her knees, mine bulges over my panties, and Wood’s big belly rests on her lap.

    We pinch, jiggle, and smack our bellies to compare how they move.

  • 3 Girl Body Comparison

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    3 Girl Body Comparison

    Fifi has her friends over for a sleepover. The girls quickly become bored by the horrible movie playing, which causes Fifi to notice how tiny Mina is. The girls, now humored by the size difference, begin comparing their bodies to one another.