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  • gender switch kitty catherine

    The Gender Switch: Waking Up in a Woman’s Body

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    Aiden stumbles into the door, closing it behind him, he comments about how badly he’s feeling. Kicking his shoes off he covers up with a blanket that was on the couch. He starts discussing with himself that it seems like his hands are much smaller than he is use to them being.

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  • The Perfect Vessel

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    Her spirit began to possess Ludella’s body, and Ludella gasped, her eyes rolling, as she attempted to fight back. She fell on the bed, twisting and turning, but after a minute, my girlfriend had taken over.

    Her voice was sweet and seductive as she offered to keep switching bodies until I found the perfect girl. “We can make a game of it,” she smiled. She exposed her body slowly, giving me an incredible and irresistible striptease, and I was hardly able to control myself. I wanted to ravish her right then and there, and she knew it.

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  • We’re Fatter!: 2 Girls Compare Their Bigger Bodies, Fat Chat, & Weigh-In

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    My new friend, Jane, and I hadn’t weighed ourselves in a few months. I felt like I had gotten a little fatter because I had a pooch that hung over my panties, and Jane was positive that she had gained some weight as well.

    Both of our bellies were jiggly, so we decided it was time to hit the scale. After we both weighed ourselves, it was no surprise why we looked so much bigger–we both had packed on some extra pounds.

    We compared our fatter bodies to one another.

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  • How Did We Get So Fat?

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    “Oh my god, I look a lot fatter,” I said, inspecting myself in the mirror. “Does it look like I gained weight?” My friend, Quinn, compared her big belly to mine, but to be perfectly sure, we needed to measure ourselves. Both of us had gained weight, and our bulging bellies spilled over the waistband of our panties.

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