• Controlled Affection

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    Controlled Affection

    After a long day of work, the only thing I want is affection from my wife. I’m not one of those needy guys that need their significant other to make them dinner, and I don’t need to hear about how hard I work to keep things running. She didn’t care, but it was part of her daily routine to make it look like she gave a fuck.

  • The Perfect, Robot Wife: Obedient, Mindless, and Controlled

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    The Perfect, Robot Wife: Obedient, Mindless, and Controlled

    My wife used to be amazing. Over the years, it’s almost like she’s turned hostile towards me. I work, I pay all of the bills, but when I ask her to do something simple, like make me dinner, she goes on a huge rant.

  • My Job Is To Reprogram Malfunctioning Robots

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    My Job Is To Reprogram Malfunctioning Robots

    Their movements were out of control, glitching and shaking, and FifiBot’s speech seemed to have gotten worse. “Look at my perfect- perfect- per- per- per- per- perfect chest.” WhitneyBot’s voice sounded like it was almost vibrating, and her head movements were everywhere. The robots were competing for my attention. Their modes were going in and out, so I needed to test out their new chips.

  • My Stepson’s Secret Fembots

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    My Stepson’s Secret Fembots

    With nowhere else to search, I opened the closet door, and saw, what I thought, were two beautiful women. They stared straight ahead, blank looks on their faces, and remained frozen. A chip was set perfectly on their chest, and they were dressed very similar. I thought maybe the control I pressed had turned them on, so I pressed it again, and one of the robots walked towards me in a very jagged-like movement. “Hello, Master.” The second robot proceeded to follow the first, repeating the same phrase. “What can I do for you?” they asked.