• Brainwashed to Love

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    Brainwashed to Love

    She faces the ring towards her own face. The ring glows, now working, and a big smile appears on Nyxon’s face. She accidentally just put the love spell on herself!

    She giggles, now the mesmerized girl is helplessly in love with Aiden, and shly says, “Hi…I have a secret to tell you…I’m in love with you!” She tells him that she’ll do absolutely anything that he tells her to do, or anything to prove her love for him.

  • A Secret Formula for Growth

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    A Secret Formula for Growth

    My chest started tingling, and my shirt ripped open, exposing my big tits! AH! I had ingested the secret, giantess growth formula he’d been working on! Oh, no!

    This clip is packed with sound effects and special effects for a more enjoyable and realistic experience. We are extremely happy with the outcome!